Thursday, April 25, 2013

Yes/No: How many Hamline Elite Meet Records will be broken in 2013?

The Hamline Elite Meet is set to go with its typical great fields of high school athletes.  Hosted this Friday by Hamline University, the event has a unique format:  any high school athlete can be entered but only the very best are accepted—setting the stage for a fast-paced, highly competitive meet.

Many of the most decorated high school athletes of the past seven years are on the Elite Meet record board, including Alicia Rue, Maggie Ewen, Bria Wetsch, Michael Sandle and Micah Hegerle.

We would like to know how many records will be broken this year...

Yes/No: Will ten or more meet records be tied or broken at the Hamline Elite Meet on Friday?

In 2012, there were nine records tied or broken.  There were seven broken in 2011.  In 2010, nine meet records were tied or broken.  In 2009, there were seven meet records tied or broken.  (If patterns mean anything, there should be seven records tied or broken in 2013.)

There are great match-ups at this meet; too many to detail.  But for distance running fans, you really can't beat Maria Hauger vs. Clare Flanagan vs. Danielle Anderson at 3200 meters.

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My Answer:  Yes

Last week's question was: Will a Minnesota athlete win the USA 1 Mile Championship in Des Moines on Tuesday?  The answer was yes—Garrett Heath finished first on the men's side.  Nineteen contestants answered correctly and there is now a three-way tie for first place in the overall standings.  Lori Anne Schwiesow, Dimitri Drekonja and Toby Hatlevig lead with eight points.

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