Friday, July 31, 2015

Andy Jacobs Wins USATF Junior Olympics 16-17 Women's Pole Vault; Carolyn Nye 9th.

Rochester Century's Andriana Jacobs, a senior, won the USATF Junior Olympics Championships 16-17 Women's Pole Vault, clearing 13'7.25"/4.15m, 2.5" from the national record. Highest jump ever for a Minnesota high school female pole vaulter.  Carolyn Nye finished ninth.

Result is HERE.

Heather Kampf and Gabe Grunewald Go One, Two in Liberty Mile

Result is HERE.

Jon Peterson 11th, John Simons 13th in Men's Liberty Mile

Jon Peterson eleventh, John Simons thirteenth in Men's Liberty Mile
Result is HERE

Payton Otterdahl Wins Pan Am Juniors Discus

Result is HERE

Science: Quantifying the Placebo Effect

Profile of the Voyaguer's Trail Race

The Future of Shoes: Custom 3D Printed Footwear?

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Conquering Mt. Humphreys

2013 Medtronic Twin Cities men's Marathon champion Nick Arciniaga conquers Mt. Humphreys HERE.

Barbora Špotáková Wins Javelin at Stockholm Diamond League Meet

Gopher grad Barbora Špotáková wins Javelin at Stockholm Diamond League Meet. Result is HERE.

Kids of Steel Summer Camp Visitors

Some Opinions on Youth Sports from John O'Sullivan

Info on coach/author and founder of the Changing the Game Project John O'Sullivan HERE

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Science: Heart Health and "Extreme Training"

Science: more on the issue of  the impact on heart health of "extreme" levels of training HERE

Emma Bates Voted Mountain West Female AOY

Strib on JO Sprinters; Updated as it's now Online

Strib feature on Minnesota girl sprinters Jedah Caldwell, Brieasha Hunter, and Maggie Gourley, who will be running in the AAU Junior Olympics this weekend, is HERE.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Vote for MN HS AOY

Vote for Minnesota High School Athletes of the Year.

Boys' ballot is HERE.

Girls' is HERE

TCTC All Comers Meet #4 Wednesday

Liberty Mile Pick the Winner Contest

Monday, July 27, 2015

Patrick Smyth Interview post US Mountain Running Championships Win

Former Team USA Minnesota athlete Patrick Smyth won this weekend's men's US Mountain Running Championship.  Story and interview HERE

Feature on Wayzata's Ruby Stauber

Emma Bates Joins the B.A.A. High Performance Team

Emma Bates.
 Photo courtesy of  B.A.A.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

More on the Appalachian Trail, Records, and the Wilderness Running Experience

For those of you who haven't read it yet, Jennifer Pharr Davis, whose record Scott Jurek broke, gives her views on the experience and what it means to her HERE.

The "Love of the Sport Clause"

IAAF Summary of Saturday's Pan Am Competition; Quotes from Heather Miller-Koch

IAAF Summary of Saturday's Pan Am Competition HERE Quotes from Heather Miller-Koch and other US athletes HERE.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Heather Miller-Koch Second in Pan American Games Heptathlon; Garrett Heath 4th in 5K

Heather Miller-Koch second in the Pan American Games heptathlon.  Result is HERE.

Garrett Heath finishes fourth in the Pan American Games 5K.  Result is HERE.

Liz Podominick Bounces Back

USATF Masters Outdoor Track Championship Results

Tom Langenfeld won the 80-85 high jump.  Result is HERE. It was the third highest jump of all the 70 and over men.
Susan Loyd was third in the 50-59 400. Result is HERE.  Fourth in the 55-59 800. Result is HERE  Fifth in the 55-59 100.  Result is HEREFifth in the 200.  Result  is HEREEighth in the 55-59 1500.  Result is HERE.
Jim Schoffman was fourth in the 60-64 400.  Result is HERE.  Seventh in the 60-64 800. Result is HERE.

James Brown was 17th in the 50-54  200.  Result is HERE.

Heather Kampf Wins Ryan Shay Mile for the Fourth Time

Jon Peterson Finishes 13th in Bix 7.

 Results are HERE

Barbora Špotáková 2nd in London Anniversary Games Javelin; Ben Blankenship 5th in Emsley Carr Mile

Barbora Špotáková finished second in the javelin by the slimmest of margins.  Result is HERE.

Ben Blankenship takes fifth in the Emsley Carr Mile.  Result is HERE.
Gabe Grunewald paced the women's 5K. Result is HERE.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Heather Miller-Koch 3rd after Day 1 of the Pan American Games Heptathlon; Erin Teschuk 4th in Steeplechase

Heather Miller-Koch third after Day 1 of the Pan American Games Heptathlon. Scores are HERE.

Erin Teschuk finishes fourth in the steeplechase. Result is HERE.

Scott Jurek's "Reflections on the Appalachian Trail"

Scott Jurek's "Reflections on the Appalachian Trail" blog post is HERE.

John Simons Blogs on His Progression in Recovering from an Achilles Injury

John Simons blogs on his recovery from an Achilles Injury HERE.

Gabe Grunewald Second in London Diamond League Meet 1500

Team USA Minnesota's Gabe Grunewald finished second in the 1500 in the London Anniversary Meet in a blanket finish in 4:06.35.  Result is HERE.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Jamie Cheever Closes Euro 2015 Tour

Jamie Cheever's last two races of her 2015 Euro tour were a PR and a win in the 1500 at the Savo Games in Finland on July 19.  Result is HERE.  Third in the steeplechase at the Joensuu Games on July 23.  Results are HERE.

Christy Cazzola Flys South

Christy Cazzola gives some perspective on the life of an aspiring elite middle distance runner.  The challenges,.the commitment. The risks, and the rewards HERE