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Annie Bersagel Defends Title in Dusseldorf Marathon with Another PR

Dusseldorf Marathon recap story HERE.

Results: Hopkins True Team Invitational

Hopkins True Team Invitational results are HERE.

Lance Elliott's Hamline Elite Meet Photo Album

Lance Elliott's Hamline Elite Meet photo album is HERE.

Results: Kip Janvirin Open; St. Mary's Open; Drake Alternative; Janis Rider Invite; Triton Invite

Kip Janvrin Open results are HERE.
Winona State Summary is HERE
St. Scholastica women's summary is HERE.
St. Cloud State summary is HERE.

St. Mary's Open results are HERE..
St. Mary's summary is HERE.
Winona State summary is HERE.
St Scholastica summary is HERE. Women HERE
St. Olaf summary is HERE.

Gustavus Drake Alternative Meet results are HERE.
Gustavus men's summary is HERE.  Women HERE.
Gopher men's summary is HERE.
UMD women's summary is HERE.
Hamline summary is HERE.
Southwestern Minnesota State summary is HERE.
University of Minnesota Morris summary is HERE.

Janis Rider Invitational results are HERE.
Macalester summary is HERE.
St. Ben's summary is HERE.
St. Olaf summary is HERE.
Gopher summary is HERE.
St. Kate's summary is HERE.
Carleton summary is HERE.
Augsburg summary is HERE.
Hamline summary is HERE

Triton Invitational results are HERE.
Gopher summary is HERE.

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Get in Gear

Get in Gear Photo Album is HERE.
Get in Gear searchable results for all three races HERE.

Drake Relays

 Women Triple Jump Special 
1 LeAnna Morrison Unattached 13.05m 2.3
2 Amanda Smock NYAC Asics 13.00m 1.5
3 Kenna Wolter Unattached 12.54m 1.5

Drake Relays Saturday results HERE.
Gopher women's summary is HERE. Men's recaps and photos are HERE.
Carleton summary is HERE.
St. Thomas summary is HERE.
MSU Mankato men's summary is HERE. Women HERE.

Another Busy Weekend on the Roads and Track

Joe Klecker and Justin Hyytinen Create a Classic; Hamline Elite News, Notes, and Results

The last time Joe Klecker ran on the Hamline University track in the rain, he had to crawl across the finish line.  Friday night the Hopkins senior crossed that line upright having led from start to finish to set a meet record of 4:10.51.  In second was the runner whose record he broke, Farmington senior Justin Hyytinen, who also broke his mark by almost two seconds running  4:12.62.

Klecker's goal for the race had been to run even faster.  "4:06," Klecker said when asked what he was hoping to run, and the weather conditions--cold, wet, rainy, and windy--didn't deter Klecker from trying to achieve that goal. The conditions didn't intimidate him, he said.  "It's all in your mind," he said of the potential negative thoughts runners often have in adverse weather conditions.   Looking effortless, he tore through the first half mile in about 2:05.  The pace felt easy, he said, his only concern being what was behind him.

"I knew (Hyytinen) was there.  I could hear him."  Remembering the year before when Hyytinen had caught and blown past Richfield's Obsa Ali on the backstretch of the last lap of the 1600, Klecker did not want history to repeat itself.  Hyytinen, who would later finish second in the 800, and run an impressive 400 meter leg  that propelled Farmington from near last to third place when he handed off the baton in the mile relay, said he has a 400 meter relay leg PR of 49.1.  Not the sort of guy you want on your heels on the home straight.

Klecker seemed to surge on the backstretch of the third and the final laps opening up some daylight on Hyytinen that he held to the finish.  Hyytinen said he felt tight during the last lap, perhaps having the sting of his finishing kick drained from him by the fast pace.  When Joe's dad Barney Klecker was told that he son ran "awesome," he replied: "Yeah, but he still has some work to do."  Then added: "But (Joe) now has the fastest mile time in the Klecker family."

A student of the sport's history, Joe is not going to be content with that.  While 4:06 was the goal Friday, Joe also had an auxiliary goal--Stillwater grad Ben Blankenship's 2007 Klas field record of 2:09.10.  He'll have another shot at that later at the June MSHSL State championships where one of the most prestigous feats in Minnesota high school distance running occurred in 1968.  At that year's State Championships,  Twig's Garry Bjorklund ran a 4:05 mile  to leave Harding grad Mike Slack in his wake on Macalester's track.

If Klecker, Hyytinen, and two-time 1600 defending champ, Stillwater's Eli Krahn can get to the starting line healthy for this year's MSHSL Championship race, it could easily develop into another epic contest in the already impressive history of Minnesota State Meet competition in the distance events. Last year Klecker on a rainy afternoon, Klecker gave all he had in an effort to overhaul Krahn and Ali in the MSHSL State Meet 1600.

So intense was the effort that he tripped and fell to the track tantalizingly close to the finish.  He pounded the track in frustration, realizing that he had to get across that finish line as Hopkins was also fighting for something, the team title.  So Joe finished on his hands and knees to make sure he salvaged some points for the team, all of whom took inspiration from Joe's effort.  This year he'll have a chance for an encore.

Joe wasn't the only Klecker who excelled on Friday.  His sister Elizabeth finished second in the girl's 1600 with a PR of 5:02.96. She also ran the third leg on the third place finishing 4 by 400 relay.
St. Croix Lutheran's Jon Tollefson thought he had his second double at the Elite Meet, having won the 110 hurdles and was the first across the finish line in the 300 hurdles.  As he was walking to get his sweats on the infield, two officials pointed to his grey leggings, informing Tollefson that he'd better change or not wear that color leggings in the State Meet.  MSHSL rules they told him mandate a single color below the waist.  Some friendly advice that would prevent a disqualification for a "clothing violation."

As he was finishing an interview the meet referee came up to him and told him he was sorry to have to tell him this, but he had been DQed.  Not for the clothes, but for a trail leg violation.  Tollefson told his coach who went to the referee to find out what had happened.  Tollefson had been experimenting early in the season on switching lead legs.  As a result he almost didn't qualify to be in the nine man field.

As a result of the slow qualifying time, he was assigned to lane nine.  That wasn't a problem he said.  He'd just work the curve then take it in hard on the straightaway.  He didn't need to see his opponents or key off of anyone else, just execute his race.  The difference of being in lane nine, aside from not seeing your opposition until or if they are passing you, is that there is no hurdle on what could be your trail leg side.  Thus instead of always having your trail leg clearing the hurdle, it was possible to go over the hurdle with the lead leg while the trail leg does not have to clear the hurdle.

Your right foot on the trail leg can dip below the top of the hurdle, which creates the violation.  The referee demonstrated to Tollefson's coach what the violation was by putting a stick out from the right side of the board that is the top of the hurdle.  Foot goes over the stick, you're OK.  Foot goes below the stick you are disqualified.  "We didn't know that,"   said the coach.  They do now, and while Tollefson is not likely to be in lane 9 or any other outside lane he's learning the rule book so that he won't lose another title for a reason aside from another runner being faster than he was on the day.

Rules learned, Tollefson can now concentrate on his goals. Foremost of which is to get under 14 seconds for the 110 hurdles.  He broke his own meet record in the 110 hurdles on Friday, running 14.16 and has already run faster, 14.14, earlier this season. So getting under 14 appears to be a realistic goal.
A reason for the popularity of the Elite meet is that athletes from the small schools get to race against those from the big schools.  In the boy's 400 the top two finishers were from Class A--Jonathan Webb from Minnehaha Academy was first, followed by Kyle Groven from Pine Island.  Webb may come from a small school, but he has big school ambition.  When asked what his goals were, he said he wanted to run low 48s, hopefully dip under 48.
A lot of the runners were experimenting, tying to determine, for example, whether or not double or tripling was a viable option for the State Meet.  Hyytinen began with the 1600, added the 800, and ran a leg on the Mile Relay.  Wasca's Shane Streich ran an 800 meter leg on the 2-mile relay because he promised the other relay team members he would.  He then ran the 3200 going for the Waseca school record of 9:17, and finished the day with a 400 as part of the mile relay.

Others came into the meet to use it as prep for State, but it didn't work out that way.  Rosemount's Rachel Schow said she had been sick, in bed most of the week, so her hurdle double, 110 and 300, just showed her how much she'd lost from a week of illness.

Cretin Derham Hall's Brieasha Hunter won two of the three sprint events at last year's State Meet, losing the 200 to teammate Megan Linder, as the duo went 1-2 in each event to place second in the team standings.  This year, Linder has graduated and Chanhassan's Jedah Caldwell demonstrated that she will be a force to be reckoned with as she won the 100 and 200 at the Elite Meet. Hunter was second in the 100 and 400.

St. Thomas Boy's Invite

St. Thomas Boy's Invitational results are HERE.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Updated: Drake Relays; Triton Invite

Drake Relays Friday results HERE(Include Masters 800-all age groups--see below)
Gopher men's summary and photos HERE
MSU Mankato men's summary is HERE. Women HERE
Triton Invitational Day 1 results HERE and HERE
Gopher women's summary HERE.

 Men 800 Meter Run Masters 
1 Nicholas Berra Unattached 2:02.85
2 Joey Keillor Unattached 2:05.02
3 Christian Blondin Unattached 2:05.47
4 Michael Madsen Unattached 2:05.49
5 Lance Elliott Unattached 2:05.86
6 Gary Roseman Unattached 2:08.17
7 Marc Peterson Unattached 2:08.69
8 Jeff Burris Unattached 2:08.88
9 Gerald Kubiak Unattached 2:09.43
10 Julius Rotich Unattached 2:09.87
11 Brian Davenport Unattached 2:12.45
12 Ken Cooper Unattached 2:13.08
13 Charles Smith Unattached 2:13.14
14 Dan Bonthius Unattached 2:13.18
15 Jason Meyer Unattached 2:13.58
16 Jason Keese Unattached 2:14.37
17 Mike Furrow Unattached 2:15.35
18 John Armon Unattached 2:15.38
19 Nate Wall Unattached 2:15.65
20 Paxton Bennett Unattached 2:16.83
 21 Byron Severson Unattached 2:18.21
22 Jason Hahn Unattached 2:24.19
23 John Holcomb Unattached 2:24.84
24 Peter Simons Unattached 2:25.91
25 Travis Evans Unattached 2:26.40
26 Steven Staebler Unattached 2:27.74
27 Rick Peterson Unattached 2:29.57
28 Chris Lampe Unattached 2:30.37
29 Ed Saunders Unattached 2:34.09
30 Jim Schoffman Unattached 2:36.92
 --- Guy Greigg Unattached DNF

Team USA Minnesota's Heather Kampf finished 12th in the 800 in 2:04.07.

Kip Janvrin Open

There is another meet in Iowa this weekend.  The Kip Janvrin Open info is HERE, including live results provided by blacksquirreltiming, love the name.
St. Scholastica women's preview is HERE.

Science: Gender and Competitiveness?

Research into gender and competitiveness HERE.

UPdated Bolstorff Twilight Meet Results

Bolstorff Twilight Meet Results are HERE.
Macalester summary is HERE.
Concordia St. Paul summary is HERE.
Gopher summary is HERE.
Hamline summary is HERE
St. Olaf summary is HERE
Augsburg summary is HERE.
St. John's summary is HERE.
UMD summary is HERE.
Northwestern summary is HERE


Men's MIAC Athletes of the Week HERE.

Women's MIAC Athletes of the Week HERE.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Gopher's Luca Wieland Second in Drake Relays Deca, Crum 9th and Holcomb 13th; DMR 6th; Peyton 2nd, Berkholtz 4th, Dyson 11th, and Colbenson 16th in 5K.

University of Minnesota's Luca Wieland finished second in the Drake Relays decathlon.  Eight points behind eventual winner Zach Ziemek, going into the final five events, Wieland only outscored Ziemek in the last event, the 1500 meters.

Teammates Jamie Crum finished 9th and Ben Holcomb was13th. Full results are HERE.
Team USA's Minnesota's Meghan Peyton finishes second in Drake Relays 5K in 16:19.85.  Gophers' Liz Berkholtz 4th in 16:26.17.  Becca Dyson 11th in 16:35.98.  UMD's Breanna  Colbenson 16th in 17:04.41.
Drake Thursday results are HERE.
Gopher men's summary is HERE.women HERE.
St.Olaf summary is HERE

Dick Beardsley and Inge Simonson Retell the Story of The Tie

Dick Beardsley and Inge Simonsen tell the tale of their tie at the first London Marathon 35 years ago HERE.

Hamline Elite Update: Hasz Twins Late Scratches

Adds and scratches for Friday's Hamline Elite Meet

Add East Ridge to Girl's 4x200
Add Ivy Glade Mankato East to the girl's 1600
Add Erin Brown Holy Family to the girl's 100HH
Add Allie Bodin Holy Family to the girl's  800
Add Ryan Wolke Belle Plain to the boy's 200
Add Bloomington Jefferson  to the boy's 4x200

Girls 100 HH
Scratch - Natalie Windels - Eagan
Add - TBD

Girl's 4x400
Scratch - Eagan
Add -Moorhead

Girl's 800
Scratch-Marissa Carlson - Bagley
Add - TBD

Girl's 1600
Scratch-Marissa Carlson - Bagley
Add - TBD

Hasz girls from Alexandria in the girl's 1600
Johanthan Webb in the boy's 100
Maea Wall in the girl's 400
Anastasia Korzenowki of Chanhassen from both the girls 800 and 1600.
Scratch Kayt Larson Lakeville South from girls 1600

Regan Duffy from Forest Lake to the girl's 1600
Add Anna Solfest Mounds View to the 1600

Check out the LIVE Video @:
Keep up on facebook @
Meet schedule is HERE.
Meet program is HERE.

News: Gopher Recruits; Dan O'Brien/Ondoro; Terry Goeman's Photo Gallery of St. Thomas Spring Trip to CA

Gopher women add ten recuits to 2015-16 incoming freshman HERE.

Duluth News Tribune story on Olympic decathlon champion Dan O'Brien's trip to Duluth/Return of men's course recordholder Dominic Ondoro to Grandma's Marathon HERE.

Terry Goeman's photo gallery of the University of St. Thomas spring trip meets in California HERE.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Results: Hamline Twilight; Drake Relays Multis Day 1

Hamline Twilight results are HERE.
Gopher women's summary is HERE.
Hamline women's summary is HERE.
Gustavus summary is HERE.
St. Kate's summary is HERE.
Concordia St. Paul summary is HERE.
St. Thomas summary is HERE.
Northwestern University/St. Paul summary is HERE.
St. Olaf summary is HERE.
Drake Relays Decathlon and Heptathlon Day 1 results are HERE.
Decathlon Day 1 totals HERE.  Heptathlon HERE.
Gopher men's summary is HERE.

Hamline Twilight, Elite Meet

Hamline's track is busy this week with tonight's collegiate women's meet the Hamline Twilight.  Live results HERE.

On Friday night it's the high schoolers on stage for the  Hamline Elite Meet.  Meet info HERE.  Strib article on the Hamline Elite Meet is HERE. Notable performances sidebar HERE. Heat sheets are HERE.  As of 10:30 PM Wednesday, these are the scratches/adds/changes to the published heat sheets:
Boy's 100Scratch - Tanner Ogren - New UlmAdd - Conner Moriarity - Holy Angels

Boy's 4x200Scratch - Mankato WestAdd - TBD
Girl's 4x200Scratch - HopkinsAdd - TBD

Boy's 1600Scratch - Chase Cayo - St. MichaelAdd - Ian Eklin -Wayzata (change his time to 4:21.82)Add - Patrick Roos - Edina

Girl's 1600Scratches - Emma Benz- Forest Lake, Emma Christensen - Rochester JM, Lauren Peterson - FarmingtonAdds - Olivia Anger - Apple Valley, Maria Berg - New Prague, One TBD

Boy's 800Scratch - Shane Streich - WasecaAdd - TBD

Girl's 800 Scratches - Tess Misgen - Shakopee, Honour Finley - Bloomington KennedyAdds - Ruby Stauber - Wayzata, Alica Hett - Farmington

Boy's 200Scratches - Jon Pytlak - Mankato West, Tanner Ogren - New UlmAdds - Jefferson Lee - Marshall, One TBD

Boy's 3200Scratches - Kevin Dado - Totino Grace, Reed Kurak - CentennialAdds - Anthony DuPont - Henry Sibley, Ben Carpenter - Mounds View

Girl's ShotScratch - Nicole Fautsch - Rochester JMAdd - Meghan Nelson - Litchfield

Girl's DiscusScratch - Nicole Fautsch - Rochester JMAdd - Shay Nielson - Detroit Lakes

Boy's Long JumpScratch - Darryl Marting - Rochester CenturyAdd - TBD

Boy's High JumpScratches - Jeremy Johnson - Champlin Park, Joseph Durr- BuffaloNo Adds

Girl's Pole VaultScratch - Kristy Anderson - NorthfieldNo Add

Other Changes to be made:Nicholas Wareham's time in the 3200 should be 9:30.21Spelling of Samuel Moore's name in the discusKendra Kelley from Cloquet is an 8th grader

Rankings: MSU Mankato Back at #2 in DII

An error in compiling this week's rankings resulted in a revised list HERE.  MSU Mankato moves from #4 to #2.

Science:Got Milk? Preferably Chocolate

Chocolate Milk has been getting a lot of attention as the replacement beverage for athletes.  More from the NYT HERE

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Heather Kampf repeats as Grand Blue Mile Champ; Garrett Heath and Will Leer in men's top 10

Heather Kampf defended her title in 4:35.75. In the men's race Garrett Heath finished third in 4:04.79. Will Leer was seventh in 4:06.06.

Grand Blue Mile Photo gallery HERE

Rankings: NCAA DII & DIII

NCAA DII rankings HERE. MSU Mankato men are 4th.  Winona State women 17th

NCAA DIII rankings HERE. UW LaCrosse still on top of both men's and women's polls.

News: Jess Herauf; UMAC AOW, NSIC Weekly Summaries, AOW; IAAF World Relays

Minnesota Daily feature on Gopher Multi Eventer Jess Herauf HERE.

St. Cloud Times story on SCSU's Maria Hauer is HERE.

UMAC Athletes of the Week HERE.

NSIC weekly summaries and AOW.  Women HERE. Men HERE.

Gabe Grunewald and Ben Blankenship selected for US teams for the IAAF/BTC World Relays HERE

HS Girl's All Time List: 200 Meters

23.93     Vanessa Clarida           Bloomington Kennedy 2001
24.20     Sasha Davis                 Park Center                 2010
24.26     Wensia Johnson          Alexandria                   2012
24.29     Heather VanNorman    Windom                       1986
24.42     Brieasha Hunter           Cretin-Derham Hall       2014
24.47     Taylor Anderson           Hopkins                       2012
24.50     Sade Pollard                St. Paul Harding          2005
24.51     Analisa Huschle           Bagley                         2009
24.54     Jessica Mittelstadt        Mankato West             1999
24.55     Megan Linder               Cretin-Derham Hall       2014
24.62     Rosey Erickson            Alexandria                   2009
24.63     Jedah Caldwell             Centennial                   2014
24.65     Jennifer Bell                 Bloomington Lincoln    1982
24.66     Liesa Brateng              Roseau                       1987
24.66     Liza Conteh                 Moorhead                    1998
24.68     Kylie Peterson              Apple Valley                2008
24.71     Kadeshia Fortune        Mpls. Washburn           2005
24.72     Amber James               Woodbury                    2000
24.72     Shanda Larsen            Holdingford                  2002
24.5 *     Jane Oas                     Mound-Westonka        1972 (24.6y)
24.5 *     Kim Watts                     St. Paul Central           1978 (24.6y)
24.74     Antioinette Goodman   Burnsville                     2009
24.77     Chichi Omeoga            Irondale                       2004
24.77     Claire Oberle                Holy Family                  2013
24.79     Deborah Cordner         St. Louis Park              1998
24.79     Kelsey Conrad             Robbinsdale Cooper    2006
24.80     Phillis Webb                 Osseo                         2013
24.81     Paige Kuplic                 Prior Lake                    2009
24.81     Ashley Tingelstad         East Grand Forks        2009
24.83     Kou Lougon                 Park Center                 2001
24.83     Kim Troung                  Apple Valley                2004
24.86     Jasmine Dittrich            Rochester John Marshall 2009
24.91     Jaylene Gerenz            Rosemount                  1987
24.91     Kyndal Hargrow            Blake                           2003
24.92     Leighton Lerum            Providence Academy   2009
24.95     Denitria Nichols            Owatonna                   2007
24.96     Kristi Buerkle                Forset Lake                 2007
24.96     Sophie Charlton           Rochester Mayo          2009
24.97     Anuli Okonkwo             Osseo                         2011
24.98     Erica Rhodes               Mpls Edison                 2004
24.98     Maddie Gourley            Eagan                         2014
24.98     Jia Lewis                      Minneapolis Edison     2014
25.00     Abby Berens                Shakopee                   2009
25.02     Taylor Browning           Apple Valley                2010
25.03     Quina Davis                 Mpls Henry                  1990
24.8 *     Tara Kazemba             Winona                        1977 (24.9y)
24.8 *     Julie Kosowski              South St. Paul             1979
24.8 *     Shelly Johnson            Blue Earth                   1985
25.05     Akuoma Omeoga         Irondale                       2009
25.06     Joy Krekelberg             Pelican Rapids            1995
25.08     Jummy Alowonle          Park Cottage Grove     2001
25.08     Ashley Magelssen        Concordia Academy    2010
25.09     Majik Reed                   DeLaSalle                   2000
25.11     Natasha Holt                Henry Sibley                1998
25.11     T’nia Riley                    Minneapolis South       2014
25.12     Nicole Ryan                  Apple Valley                1995
25.12     Bri Fernholz                  Willmar                         2008
25.12     Emily VanHeel              Little Falls                    2009
25.13     Jada Narveson             Lakeville South            2007
25.13     Megan Geyen              Watertown-Mayer         2009
24.9*      Christy Vitze                 Rochester Mayo          1976 (25.0y)
25.14     Kristin Mulrooney          Visitation                     1987
24.9 *     Nikki Martineau             Park Cottage Grove     1993
25.14     Abbey Fischer              Stillwater                      2001
24.9 *     Anne Hillier                   Blake                           2002
24.9 *     Arteshia Knight            Minneapolis Washburn 2010
25.16     Dami Manuel-Moore     Hopkins                       2014
25.17     Jane Timm                   St. Peter                      1984
25.17     Megan Sartor               Faribault                      2001
25.17     Kalesha Taylor             Rochester Mayo          2010
25.18     Linnea Johnson           Robbinsdale Armstrong   2006
25.19     Alex McCannel             Delano                        2002
25.19     Leah Hansen               Mounds View               2008
25.20     Sue Faus                     Rocori                          1987
25.20     Sue Chopskie              Park Cottage Grove     1988
25.20     Kayla Stowell               LeSueur-Henderson    2014
25.22     Jaylon White                Blake                           2001
25.22     Dominique Thompson  Robbinsdale Armstrong    2009
25.23     Karen Ryan                  Chaska                        1987
25.0 *     Laura Lepsche             Hill-Murray                    1976 (25.1y)
25.0 *     Sara Jones                  Martin Cty West           1991
25.24     Camille Kyte                 New Richland-H-E-G    2002
25.25     Mel McClaskie              North Branch               1997
25.25     Nicole Drangstveit        Andover                      2006
25.26     Jean Schuller               Prior Lake                    1979
25.26     Sarah Mishmash          Elk River                      1996
25.26     Megan Charles             Apple Valley                2007
25.26     Danielle Jones             Mpls Washburn            2009
25.27     Maureen Leonard        Minnetonka                 1988
25.27     Sandy Jorgensen         Woodbury                    2003
25.27     Ekene Obi                    Cretin-Derham Hall       2006
25.27     Emerald Egwin             Eagan                         2013
25.28     Amanda Darling           Jackson County Central  2007
25.28     Paige Stratioti              Duluth Central             2011
25.29     Jennifer Newsom          Breck                           1996
25.29     Lyndsey Mattson          Grand Rapids              2009
25.29     Carolina Bowe              Minnetonka                 2012
25.29     Taylor Nivala                Andover                      2012
25.30     Rose Jackson              Willmar                         2012
25.30     Karlona Gregory           Minneapolis Washburn 2014
25.31     Dana Watts                  St. Paul Central           1979
25.31     Angela Lindsay            Richfield                      1993
25.31     Holly Gondeck              Foley                           1996
25.31     Emily Bartusek             Albert Lea                   2001
25.31     Natasha Moore            St. Paul Johnson         2012
25.32     Katisha Bishop             Woodbury                    2009
25.32     Bridgette Sweeney       Hopkins                       2011 & 09
25.32     Lindsey Heinecke         Detroit Lakes               2014
25.33     Sheena Porter             DeLaSalle                   2006
25.1 *     Erin Donnalley              Red Wing                    1976 (25.2y)
25.1 *     Teri Snoddy                 Mpls North                   1977 (25.2y)
25.1 *     Julie Raub                    Alexander Ramsey      1981
25.34     Becky Schwartz            Red Wing                    1989
25.1 *     Karla Stromme             Bryon                          1989
25.1 *     Jenni Porter                 Champlin Park             1993
25.34     Stormy Nesbit               Roseville Area             2009 & 08
25.35     Kathy Novak                Hopkins Lindbergh      1978 (25.48y)
25.35     Anna Ratzloff               Little Falls                    1991
25.35     Dani Detloff                  Elk River                      2010
25.35     Rachel Schow              Rosemount                  2012
25.36     Nancy Golie                 Irondale                       1984
25.36     Heather Dorniden         Rosemount                  2005
25.36     Kaija Crowe                  Milaca                          2013
25.37     Janet Cullen                 Coon Rapids               1986
25.37     Janene Grutzmacher    Shakopee                   1988
25.38     Julie Hay                      Duluth East                 1982
25.39     Tamara Webb              Roseville                      1988
25.39     Shyla McKibbon           Hibbing                        1996
25.39     Jada Lewis                   Minneapolis Edison     2014
25.40     Jennifer Hale                Concordia Academy    1989
25.40     Amanda Beckman        Eastview                      2010
25.40     Erica Dombro               St. Paul Highland Park 2011
25.41     Claire Gapinski             Foley                           2011
25.42     Brigette Stuewe           Norwood-Yng America 1986
25.42     Martha Harris                Bryon                          1991
25.42     Julia Rozman               Edina                          2008
25.42     Rachel Trentor             Totino Grace               2011
25.43     Sara Schroepfer           Mounds View               1986
25.43     Careese Coleman        International Falls        2007
25.43     Molly Reighard             Waconia                      2014
25.2 *     Denise Bullocks            Mt. St. Benedict's        1978 (25.3y)
25.2 *     Laurie Hernke              Cannon Falls               1979 (25.3y)
25.2 *     Cathy Anderson           Stillwater                      1980
25.2 *     Jeri Domes                   Albert Lea                   1980
25.2 *     Kalin Jackson               St. Paul Central           1981
25.44     Peggy Natterstad         Jackson                       1986
25.2 *     Carmen Richardson      Irondale                       1993
25.2 *     Vanessa Lane             Pequot Lakes              2013
25.45     Maureen Richter           Totino Grace               1991
25.45     Meredith Rudh             Burnsville                     1999
25.46     Tonnisha Bell               Minneapolis Washburn 2001
25.46     Jessica Smith               Mankato East              2005

25.46     Deidre Hahn                 Warroad                      2013

* = handheld time (add .24 seconds to convert to FAT)
y = 220 yards (about .1 second longer than 200 meters)