Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Mike Turgeon Hired as MSU Mankato Head Track Coach

Monday, June 26, 2017

Sunday, June 25, 2017

USATF Outdoor Track Championships Day 4 Results

USATF Outdoor Track Championships Results HERE

Maggie Ewen 2nd in the Hammer Throw
Laura Roesler 7th in the 800
Mason Ferlic 9th in the 3K Steeple

Gopher Women's Summary HERE

Gabe Grunewald launches website

Gabe Grunewald launches website HERE

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Sean Donnelly's Quest for a Place in the IAAF World Championships Hammer Throw Continues

Sean Donnelly's Quest for a Place in the IAAF World Championships Hammer Throw Continues HERE

USATF Junior Day 3 Results

USATF Junior Day 3 Results HERE

Ashley Ramacher 4th in the high jump
Kieran McKeag 8th in the hammer throw

USATF Day 3 Results

USATF Day 3 Results HERE

Emily Lipari 11th in 1500
Jamie Cheever 13th in the 3K Steeple
Ben Blankenship 12th in 1500
Rose Jackson 16th after Day 1 of the Heptathlon

USATF Junior Championships Day 1 Results

USATF Junior Championships Results HERE

Jedah Caldwell 10th in 200 semis
Julia Fixen DNS in the pole vault

Friday, June 23, 2017

USATF Outdoor Track Championships Day 2 Results

 USATF Outdoor Track Championships Day 2 Results  HERE

Mason Ferlic 12th in 3K Steeple, 3rd in heat
Laura Roesler 4th in heat, 7th overall in 800

USATF Junior Championships Results

USATF Junior Championships Day 2 Results HERE

Hannah Truniger 2nd in 3K
Anna Keefer 6th in 100 meter semi. 13th overall.
Keefer 3rd in the long jump
Amanda Anderson 7th in the discus

Brendan Huber Promoted to be Gustavus Men's and Women's Head XC Coach

Photo courtesy of Gustavus
                                                      Brenden Huber Promoted to be
                                          Gustavus Men's and Women's Head XC Coach

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Gabe's "Group Hug"

Gabe's "Group Hug" HERE

USATF Championships Day 1 Results

USATF Championships Day 1 Results HERE
Hassan Mead, USATF Men's 10K Winner

Hassan Mead wins 10K
Biya Simbassa 4th in the 10K
Kevin Lewis 20th in 10K
Reed Fischer 23rd in the 10K
Sean Donnelly 3rd in the men's hammer throw final
Ben Blankenship won his heat of the 1500 to qualify for the final
Jamie Cheever 12th in the 3K Steeple to qualify for the final
Meghan Peyton 14th in 10K final
Liz Podominick 7th in the discus final.
Nicolle Murphy 11th in the javelin final
Brianna Colbenson 21st in 3K Steeple
Travis Burkstrand 25th in 1500 semis
Gabe Grunewald 9th in her heat of the 1500
Heather Kampf 5th in her heat of the 1500
Mitch Hechsel 20th in 800, 3rd in his heat
Harun Abda 25th overall, 4th in his heat

Concordia Moorhead Updated Indoor and Outdoor Records lists

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Gabe Grunewald talks about USATF and American Cancer Society's Joint Venture

Gabe Grunewald talks about USATF and American Cancer Society's Joint Venture to raise funds for research, her own battle against cancer, and a documentary chronicaling her fight against the disease

Maggie Ewen One of Three Finalists for the Women's Bowerman Award

ASU Feature on Maggie Ewen and her Family

Maggie Ewen and her parents
Photo courtesy of ASU
                                     ASU Feature on Maggie Ewen and her Family HERE

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

USATF Championships Women's Formchart

  USATF Championships Women's Formchart  HERE

USATF Championships Men's Formchart

USATF Championships Men's Formchart HERE

UMD Grad Breanna Colbenson earns a Spot in the USATF Championships Women's Steeple

UMD Grad Breanna Colbenson Earns a Spot in the USATF Championships Women's Steeple HERE

Gophers Go for the USATF Gold, Silver, or Bronze

Ruining Youth Sport

Ruining Youth Sport HERE

Anthony Fleischfresser and Maggie Ewen are USATFMN Athletes of the Month for May.

NASF Launches National High School T&F HOF

NASF Launches National High School Track & Field Hall of Fame HERE

Friday, June 16, 2017

Faces of Fearless: Video of Gopher teammates Emma Spagnola and Kimberly Golding

William A Irvin 5K Results

From track to the roads, Declan Dahlberg(13) wins 1600 at MSHSL
State Meet(above).
Second in William Irvine 5K.
Photo by Gene Niemi

Gabe Grunewald Accepted into USATF Championships 1500

Entry List HERE
More on Gabe's journey HERE

Study on the Response of the Body to a Long Rest. The science behind recuperation

Study on the Response to running abstinence  in Recovery. The science behind recuperation  HERE

Thursday, June 15, 2017

USATF Minnesota Junior Olympics Live Results for Day 1

USATF Minnesota Junior Olympics Live Results for Day 1 HERE

Julia Fixen Overcomes Injury to Take Class AA pole Vault Title

When an athlete wearing a "boot" that indicates a foot injury climbs up to the top block on the podium you know this isn't your typical success story. Mounds View sophomore Julia Fixen who,despite a season-long battle merely to compete, vaulted to victory in the Class AA girl's pole vault.

The State championship was a dream turned into reality. In years before she had battled Rochester Century's Andrianna Jacobs,who holds the State Record for the MSHSL Championships, but came up short. Jacobs graduated last year.  Fixen said she missed competing with Jacobs, instead the challenge was not the challenge  being able to manage the pain in her right foot that she described as sometimes feeling like someone had stuck a knife into her foot.

When she was first diagnosed early in the season as having a stress fracture, the prognosis looked bleak. A "second opinion" downgraded the damage to a stress reaction.  The difference being that a fracture would probably have ended her season before it began, while the stress reaction could be and was managed.

Julia Fixen
Photo by Gene Niemi
But Fixen is not just a vaulter. She high jumps, and runs the two sprint hurdle events.  The vault was her event for the MSHSL State Championships, She couldn't do the high jump because take off foot for the high jump was the injured right one.  She didn't want to put extra stress on the foot so the hurdles wasn't an option either.

Julia Fixen clears 11'6"
Photo by Gene Niemi
She only vaulted four times last Saturday.  Twice for warm ups and a miss on her first jump at 11'6" before clearing the bar with room to spare for the win.  That height was well below her best of 13'3", but good enough to win. Like many of the other female vaulters, Julia was a gymnast before another injury--several concussions--ended her time in that sport. Fixen was familiar with dealing with injuries.

Her current injury won't stop her from adding one more competition.  She's going to vault in Nationals in a few weeks, she said after the awards ceremony at Hamline. Since she has two more years at Mounds View, taking on the best vaulters in the country will be a view of what it will take to take the next step in a career that is still rising to new heights.

2017 International Congress On Medicine & Science In Ultra-Endurance Sports Report

2017 International Congress On Medicine & Science In Ultra-Endurance Sports Report HERE

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Monday, June 12, 2017

Gene Niemi's MSHSL State Championships Photo Album--MIDDLE DISTANCE RACES

(From L to R) Alex Miley, Seth Eliason, and Khalid Hussein
with a lap to go in the Class AA 1600.
Photo by Gene Niemi

Hussein(2) and Eliason(1) dip toward the finish line.
Photo by Gene Niemi

Eliason celebrates his victory
Photo by Gene Niemi

Anna Fenske(1) battles with Emily Kompelien(2) in
 the stretch of the Class AA 1600
Photo by Gene Niemi

Declan Dahlberg(13) leads the field through
the beginning stages of the Class A 1600.
Photo by Gene Niemi

Tierney Wolfgram(1) pulls away from Taylor Kreitinger(2) in the Class A 1600
Photo by Gene Niemi

Underweight female athletes more likely to get stress fractures

Underweight female athletes more likely to get stress fractures HERE

NCAA DI All Americans

Gopher Women's Photos from the NCAA's Last Day

Sunday, June 11, 2017

USATF Minnesota Open and Masters Championships Results

USATF Minnesota Open and Masters Championships Results    HERE

Gene Niemi's MSHSL State Championships Photo Album-- RELAYS

Edison Girl's 4 by 100 Class A Champions
Photo by Gene Niemi

The second exchange of the boy's 4 by 100 Class AA race
Photo by Gene Niemi

East Ridge's anchorman Marcus Haskins holds off
Mankato East's Roderick Miller in the Class AA Boy's 4 by 400
Photo by Gene Niemi

Gene Niemi's MSHSL State Championships Photo Album-- SPRINTS & HURDLES

Denzel Brown wins the 100.
Photo by Gene Niemi

Anna Keefer wins the 100.
Photo by Gene Niemi

Shae Buchman wins the 100 Hurdles.
Photo by Gene Niemi

Reid Pierzinski wins the Class A 300 Hurdles.
Photo by Gene Niemi

Carl Kozlowski wins the Class A 800 meters. Mora's John Swinghamer falls.
Photo by Gene Niemi

Updated: NCAA DI Gopher's Summary

NCAA DI Gopher's Women's Summary HERE.

Full Results HERE.
Ruby Stauber 7th in 800 semi's in 2:08.65

Emi Trost 5th, Gabe Grunewald 12th at the Music City Distance Carnival

  Emi Trost 5th, Gabe Grunewald 12th at the Music City Distance Carnival  Results HERE

Terry Goeman's Hopkins MSHSL Photo Album

Lance Elliott's MSHSL State Championship Class AA videos

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Team USA MN's Meghan Peyton and Kevin Lewis Finish in Top Ten in the PTF 10Ks

Portland Track Festival Results HERE
Emma Bates finishes 5th in the 10K in 33:19.8

MSHSL 2017 State Track & Field Meet Results

MSHSL 2017 State Track & Field Meet Results HERE

Updated: More from Maggie Ewen at the NCAA Championships

Maggie Ewen Talks about her Hammer Throw record HERE
Finishes 2nd in the discus. Results HERE

Ewen just misses the record for most points scored by a thrower HERE

Samuel Moore is on a Roll

Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale's Samuel Moore came into the MSHSL State Meet with an impressive streak.  For the last six meets he'd set personal bests.  On Friday, he extended that streak winning the Class A shot put title with a throw of 59' 11.75", a distance that would have placed him fourth in the Class AA competition.

Coached by his father, Moore doesn't know why he was on fire.  One of the officials had watched him as a 6 foot tall two sport athlete as an eighth grader and recognized Moore's potential  Now Moore is 6'5"and has caught the attention of coaches at Iowa for football and for track by NDSU.  A junior he has one more year to reach another goal he missed today, throwing the shot beyond 60 feet.

He felt slightly "frustrated," he said, not breaking that barrier.  He hopes to have a shot at it during the Summer and get some invites to the big Summer meets. Whatever the outcome, his academic plan is to major in engineering wherever he goes to continue his education.  Hopefully, he'll continue to improve in football and track in the seasons ahead as he closes his high school career at  a level that will also get him an athletic scholarship.

On Saturday, Moore hopes to add to his resume in the discus, as he has the second farthest throw among Class A athletes this season in that event.      

Friday, June 09, 2017

Joe Klecker 7th in NCAA 5K

Joe Klecker 7th in NCAA 5K Results HERE

Alex Miley Wins the Class AA 3200

Alex Miley wins the Class AA 3200. Photo by Gene Niemi
Maple Grove's Alex Miley doubled in the 1600 and the 3200 in April at the Hamline Elite Meet.  Miley's objective then was to run against tougher competition than he had encountered prior to that meet.  His investment paid off on Friday.

The favorite going into the State Meet was Hopkins' Seth Eliason, who won the 3200 at the Hamline Elite Meet, but also had a bond of sorts with Miley.  The pair had gotten to know one another as they traveled together to Nike Nationals.  "We got to know each other's strengths and weaknesses," said Miley

Thus it was no surprise that Miley took off early in the race after an opening quarters of 72 and 73 seconds.  Eliason, who is known for his speed and ability to out kick his opponents, likes to save his energy for his kick.  Miley is adept at neutralizing that finishing speed by attempting to tire his opponents with a solid early pace.  So, neither Eliason and Miley were surprised that Miley opened up a large gap between himself and the field early on.

Eliason was surprised that the 72 second first lap seemed  harder than normal.  He could see the gap Miley had, but wasn't able to close it.  "You had it today," Eliason said to Miley as the two got together after the race. Eliason had been passed late in the race by Como Park's Innocent Murwanashyaka, who said that he didn't have the confidence to try and catch Miley. He didn't want to lose what he'd already gained if he miscalculated and blew up attempting to challenge  Miley and lost what he'd gained.

Alex Miley separates himself from the rest of the field. Seth Eliason left behind
Photo by Gene Niemi
For Eliason the attempt of Antonio Judson-Red Elk to pass him triggered a new surge of energy.  "I didn't want to finish fourth again," said Eliason.  I was fourth in cross country and I didn't want that to happen again.  Being able to hold off Judson-Red Elk boosted his spirit some and Eliason set another goal.  He wanted to make up for the loss of the 3200 by setting his mind on winning the 1600 on Saturday.

The top four in the 3200 are scheduled to resume their rivalry on a day that is predicted to be more hot and humid than Friday, leaving all the participants with another obstacle. Miley said he was pleasently surprised that he seemed to be recovering well from his efforts in winning the 3200 and optimistic that he might be able to complete a distance double in the 1600.

St Michael Albertville's Anna Keefer Works Overtime

As the athletes in the third "flight" of the Class AA long jump  were getting ready to go, Anna Keefer laid down in the grass, her hands folded over her eyes.   "I'm tired,"she said.  She had already run in the 100 Prelims, anchored the 4 by 200 relay, and led off the 4 by 100 relay.

Her right  leg had a strip of black and white KT tape to help with some of the physical stress. She opened with a leap of 18'10.5" and her second jump of 18'6.25" each were better than runner-up Shea Buchman of Rosemount, who also led with her best of six jumps, 18'5".

Keefer's day was not done, however, as she ran and won the prelims of the 200.  No rest for the multi-talented.
Anna Keefer on the runway.
Photo by Gene Niemi

MSHSL State Championships Day 1 Results

Lauren Peterson(5) and Emily Covert(1) stride for stride on the first curve.
Photo by Gene Niemi
                                 MSHSL State Championships Day 1 Results HERE

Thursday, June 08, 2017

More Photos of the Gopher Women at the NCAAs

More Photos of the Gopher Women at the NCAAs  HERE

Gopher Women Day 1 Summary

Luca Wieland 3rd in Decathlon

Maggie Ewen Gets Another PB in the Hammer Throw-NCAA Outdoor Champion

Recap HERE

Results HERE story HERE

Maggie was also 6th in the shot put. Results HERE

Gopher Women's NCAA Preview/men's Day 1 photos

Becky Miller's Photo Gallery HERE

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

UPDATED: Luca Wieland Leads after Day 1 of the NCAA DI Decathlon

Luca Wieland Leads after Day 1 of the NCAA DI Decathlon, Results HERE

Gopher men's summary   HERE.

Reed Fischer 9th in men's 10K HERE

Wayzata Last Chance Results

Wayzata Last Chance Results  HERE

Track Minnesota Invitational Results

Track Minnesota Invitational Results HERE

Pioneer Press article on Gopher Sprinter turned Hammer Thrower Temi Ogunrinde

How to Beat the Heat

How to Beat the Heat HERE

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Feature on Ladia Albertson-Junkans who will be Running for Team USA this Weekend

Ladia Albertson-Junkans in the North Cascades, photo by Alexander Zoltai
Feature on Ladia Albertson-Junkans who will be running for Team USA in the IAU World Trail Championships this Weekend HERE

Gopher Men and Women Ready for NCAA Championships

Gopher Men's Preview is HERE. Women's HERE

Maggie Ewen a Candidate for the Bowerman Award

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Miles List: All Time Class Records: 800m, 1600m, 3200m


1:48.64    Zach Mellon, Buffalo  2008
1:50.74    Harun Abda, Fridley  2008
1:50.80    Lucas Trapp, Elk River  2015
1:51.24    Shane Streich, Waseca  2014
1:51.47    Chris Trotter, Saint Louis Park  2015
1:51.60    Andy Richardson, Irondale  2007
1:51.82    Tom Schmidt, Faribault  2001
1:52.24    Jason Owen, Stewartville  1995
1:53.02    Matt Rosen, Bloomington Jefferson  2013
1:53.39    Eric Gebeke, White Bear Lake Area  2011
1:53.41    Steve Holman, Richfield  1987
1:53.53    Trent Riter, Mounds View  2000

1:51.41    Jason Owen, Stewartville  1994
1:51.87    Zach Mellon, Buffalo  2007
1:53.51    Lukas Trapp, Elk River  2014
1:54.34    Eric Gebeke, White Bear Lake Area  2010
1:54.51    Rob Finnerty, Burnsville  2006
1:54.63    Shane Streich, Waseca  2013
1:54.69    Tom Schmidt, Faribault  2000
1:54.88    Matt Rosen, Bloomington Jefferson  2012
1:54.95    Seth Eliason, Hopkins  2015
1:54.8      Andy Bunge, Preston  1971 (1:55.5y)
1:55.4      Dave Krecji, Austin  1985
1:55.68    Robel Kebede, Mpls South  2007

1:55.03    Rob Finnerty, Burnsville  2005
1:56.13    Matt Rosen, Bloomington Jefferson  2011
1:57.11    Jason Owen, Stewartville  1993
1:57.25    Shane Streich, Waseca  2012
1:57.39    Isaac Veldkamp, Eden Prairie  2005
1:58.14    Collin Dwyer, Prior Lake  2014
1:58.32    Jordan Carlson, Rosemount  2005
1:58.33    James Billings, Eagan  1992
1:58.85    Tom Hoffman, Mahtomedi  2004
1:58.85    Zachary Mellon, Buffalo  2006
1:58.93    Joey Duerr, Chaska  2012

1:58.98    Ryan Swenson, LacQuiParle/Dawson-Boyd  2008


4:06.70    Nick Schneider, Benilde-St Mrgt 2000 (4:08.33y)
4:07.8      Garry Bjorklund, Proctor  1968 (4:09.4y)
4:08.84    Rob Finnerty, Burnsville  2007  (4:10.49y)
4:10.5      Tim Harris, Henry Sibley  1972 (4:12.1y)
4:10.78    Andy Richardson, Irondale  2007
4:10.91    Obsa Ali, Richfield  2013
4:11.4      Tim O'Donnell, Simley  1975 (4:13.0y)
4:12.61    Joe Klecker, Hopkins  2014
4:13.04    Jordan Carlson, Rosemount  2007 (4:14.72y)
4:13.68    Ben Blankenship, Stillwater  2006
4:13.80    Shane Streich, Waseca  2014
4:13.81    Garrett Heath, Winona  2003
4:13.81    Jaret Carpenter, Wayzata 2015

4:10.9      Rob Carney, Burnsville  1976 (4:12.5y)
4:11.85    Rob Finnerty, Burnsville  2006 (4:13.52y)
4:12.05    Joey Duerr, Chaska  2013
4:12.4      Garry Bjorklund, Proctor  1967 (4:14.0y)
4:13.54    Eli Krahn, Stillwater  2014
4:13.8      Pat Kreidler, Duluth Denfeld  1969 (4:15.4y)
4:15.40    Mar Jang, Mpls Edison  2000
4:15.83    Nick Schneider, Benilde-St Mrgt 1999 (3:56.88m)
4:15.8      Nick Golebiowski, St. Cloud Cathedral  2012
4:16.61    Garrett Heath, Winona  2002
4:16.99    Connor Olson, Wayzata  2013
4:16.9      Tim O'Donnell, Simley  1974 (4:18.6y)

4:09.38    Eli Krahn, Stillwater Area  2013
4:16.95    Rob Finnerty, Burnsville  2005
4:17.59    Joey Duerr, Chaska  2012
4:17.5      Garry Bjorklund, Proctor  1966 (4:19.2y)
4:18.4      Steve Briggs, Winona  1986
4:19.29    Shane Streich, Waseca  2012
4:20.18    Dahir Jumale, Marshall  2004
4:20.74    Nick Schneider, Benilde-St Margaret  1998
4:20.74    Mar Jang, Minneapolis Edison  1999
4:21.34    Garrett Heath, Winona  2001
4:23.15    Moses Heppner, Warroad  2006
4:23.27    Ryan Swenson, LacQuiParle/Dawson-Boyd  2008


8:53.03    Nick Schneider, Benilde-St Marg  2000 (8:56.40y)
8:55.76    Rob Finnerty, Burnsville  2007 (8:59.15y)
8:57.07    Obsa Ali, Richfield  2013
9:02.37    Zach Benning, Hastings  2013
9:02.58    Jacob McDermott, Cretin-Derham Hall  2013
9:03.64    Joey Duerr, Chaska  2014
9:05.51    Jaret Carpenter, Wayzata  2015
9:05.92    Elliot Heath, Winona  2006
9:06.3      Dave O'Brien, Burnsville  1977 (9:09.7y)
9:06.62    Joe Klecker, Hopkins  2014
9:07.94    Owen Hoeft, Hopkins  2015
9:07.97    Patrick Roos, Edina  2016

8:59.03    Joey Duerr, Chaska  2013
9:00.08    Eli Krahn, Stillwater Area  2014
9:04.54    Rob Finnerty, Burnsville  2006 (9:07.99y)
9:08.27    Connor Olson, Wayzata  2013
9:10.97    Khalid Hussein, Wayzata  2016
9:13.72    Joe Klecker, Hopkins  2013 (9:17.23y)
9:14.32    Jaret Carpenter, Wayzata  2014
9:15.6      Dave Morrison, Lakeville  1978 (9:19.1y)
9:17.47    Nick Schneider, Benilde-St Margaret  1999
9:18.25    Obsa Ali, Richfield  2012
9:18.63    Josh Thorson, Wayzata  2010
9:18.97    Nic Matack, Duluth East  1995

8:58.67    Eli Krahn, Stillwater Area  2013
9:06.80    Rob Finnerty, Burnsville  2005
9:20.15    Joey Duerr, Chaska  2012
9:23.75    Nick Schneider, Benilde-St Margaret  1998
9:24.76    Connor Olson, Wayzata  2012
9:31.25    Garrett Heath, Winona  2001
9:32.46    Grant Price, Wayzata  2016
9:32.85    Wayde Hall, Stillwater  2010
9:33.44    Joe Klecker, Hopkins  2012
9:33.75    Andy Tate, Morris Area  1993
9:34.31    Cole O’Brien, Burnsville  2009
9:35.08    Donovan Bergstrom, Elgin-Millville  1985

Miles List: Girl's All Time Other Events


600 Meters
1:37.42        Olivia Dengel          Eden Prairie           2014
1:40.36        Alyssa Lind             Bloom. Jefferson    2015

1500 Meters
4:24.10        Bethany Hasz         Alexandria        2016

5000 Meters
16:43.65      Danielle Anderson  Eagan              2012
16:44.08i      Maria Hauger          Shakopee        2013
16:44.80      Grace Ping             Cotter               2016
16:45.03      Emma Benner        Forest Lake      2016
16:50.47      Alex Gits                 Edina               2007

5363            Shaina Burns         Lakeville South 2014
4999            Martha Harris          Byron               1991

400 Meter Hurdles
   58.85        Meleah Biermaier    Thief River Falls    2016
1:00.66        Erin Huls                 Rocori                  2015
1:02.03        Karina Joiner          East Ridge           2015
1:02.81        Natalie Windels       Eagan                  2016
1:03.47        Shaina Burns         Lakeville South     2012&14

129-10         Shaina Burns         Lakeville South 2014

2000 Meter Steeplechase
7:19.88        Anna Maurer          Hill-Murray        2013
7:30.20        Erica Seidenkranz  Irondale           2011

880 Yard Medley Relay (State Meet Event 1973-5)
1:49.2      Moorhead          1975
1:49.9      Stillwater            1980  (1:49.2m)
1:50.95    Bloom. Kennedy 2015  (1:50.25m)
1:50.8      Owatonna          1975
1:51.4      Moorhead          1974
1:51.9      Rochester Mayo 1975

1600 Meter Medley Relay 
4:09.18    Shakopee           2015
4:14.33    Lakeville South   2015
4:15.56    Anoka                2012
4:17.09    Hopkins              2009

Distance Medley Relay
12:39.20  Shakopee          2013
12:45.97  Eagan                2015
12:51.56  Chanhassen       2013
12:53.15  Farmington         2015

4x1600 Meter Relay
22:54.31  Anoka                2014
   Legs run concurrently?
21:29.1    Hopkins              2016  (times added)

Hammer Throw

87-2         Cameron Downey     Blake               2014