Thursday, April 18, 2013

Yes/No: Any new meet records at the Manitou Classic?

St. Olaf women's track and field team will host the Manitou Classic this weekend, lining up against women's squads from St. Thomas, St. Kates, St. Bens and Macalester.  Just across town, the Carleton Relays will feature men's and women's teams from Gustavus, Augsburg, Hamline, Macalester (Men), and St. Olaf (Men).  So, if you want to see some quality track and field action this weekend—head to Northfield.

The Manitou Classic has been run since 1982, and more than a few star runners have graced the track since that inaugural year.  The meet records are strong.  Will any of these marks go down in 2013?  Let us know with the question of the week...

Yes/No: Will any Manitou Classic Meet Records be tied or broken on Saturday?

The list of Meet Records is HERE.

More information on the meet can be found HERE.

In 2008, four meet record were broken.  Since then - there have been zero new records.

Some top athletes that may compete include:  Taylor Berg (St. Thomas) who has already run 4:32 for 1500 outdoors,  Emma Lee from St. Olaf who has run 35:47 and 17:28 for 10k/5k this spring and high jumpers Alexis Good, from St. Benedict and Dani Larson from St. Olaf, each with a 5'5 clearance to her name outdoors.

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My Answer:  Yes

Last week's question was: Will Gabriele Anderson and/or Heather Kampf finish in the top three at the BAA Invitational Mile on Sunday?  The answer was yes—Anderson was second and Kampf third in the mile race.  Thirty-one contestants answered correctly including all of the leaders.  Lori Anne Schwiesow continues to lead with eight points.

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