Thursday, October 25, 2012

Eighth Grader's Appeal to Run with the Varsity Nixed by School Board

Coon Rapids eighth grader Bryna DelCastillo not allowed to compete with the varsity team.  Strib story is HERE


Rachel Elizabeth said...

If they changed the policy it would have to be for all kids, not just that one. There are others who would make a big impact on their own teams, including a 7th grader on my Blaine Boys team. However, they ran her varsity anyway. Should be interesting to see how this pans out.

Greg Brown said...

It is a shame Coon Rapids would have made it to state...

1 Totino Grace 87 6 14 17 23 27 34 37 15:39.5 0:48.4
2 Mounds View 94 1 11 12 28 42 45 48 15:34.1 1:46.3
3 Coon Rapids 98 13 15 19 25 26 31 32 15:44.5 0:30.6

If the kids are high school eligible, why is the district overriding this?

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Actually, the team ran her anyway, even though they didn't change the policy. They still didn't make it to state nor did the 8th grader as an individual.
There are several articles about it from Star Tribune and (a couple weeks ago) if you want to find more information, but it is absolutely a shame!