Monday, July 31, 2017

Dennis Newell named U of Mary head track & field coach

Cross Country: Willmar's Jerry Popp inducted into MNCA Hall of Fame

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Spencer Howe 19th in AAU Junior Olympics Decathlon

Spencer Howe 19th in AAU Junior Olympics Decathlon(17-18 age group). Results HERE.
Spencer Howe

Saturday, July 29, 2017

YMCA All City Meet Results

YMCA All City Meet Results HERE

Bix 7 Mile Results

Bix 7 Mile Results HERE

Jonathan Grey 4th.
Kevin Lewis 13th
Danny Docherty 15th
Sam Rivard 11th in Women's race

Consequences of Chronic Lack of Sleep

Research Finds Consequences of Chronic Lack of Sleep

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Book Review of The Haywire Heart

Book Review of The Haywire Heart HERE

All-Academic Teams & Scholar Teams of the Year in NCAA DI Track & Field

All-Academic Teams & Scholar Teams of the Year in NCAA DI Track & Field HERE

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Research on running efficiencies or lack thereof between novice and seasoned runners

Research concludes that novice runners showed larger kinematic adjustments when exhausted than comp runners. This may affect their running performance and should be taken into account when assessing a runner's injury risk. HERE

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Kara Goucher: What She Found Going Back Home

Kara Goucher  Found  Happiness in Her Running Back Home HERE

She'll also be getting a Silver medal

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Jaret Carpenter top 20 in U20 10K

Hassan Mead 4th in Heusden 5K

2 WOLDE DAWIT ETH 13:10.13
3 TRUE BEN USA 13:10.83
4 MEAD HASSAN USA 13:11.20
5 ABDI BASHIR BEL 13:11.87
15 VERNON ANDY GBR 13:22.65
16 KAYA ALI TUR 13:25.71
17 NGENO ALFRED KEN 13:28.71
20 TASAMA DAME BEL 13:57.58

Heather Kampf Wins Her 5th Ryan Shay Women's Mile

 1 Heather Kampf 4:30.83 (5 time winner)
 2 Katie Landwehr 4:31.64
3  Alexina Wilson 4:35.43
4  Maddie Alm 4:37.17
5  Becca Addison 4:37.70
6  Emily Oren 4:38.10
7  Samantha Johnson 4:38.76
8 Margo Richardson 4:51.79
9  Sarah Bishop 4:53.33
10 Jennifer McKenna 4:58.77

Men's Results
1 Jake Edwards 4:00.56 (3 time winner) 
2 Nate Brannen 4:01.15
3 Nick Harris 4:01.25
4 Julian Matthews 4:01.60
5 Reid Buchanan 4:01.86
6 Matt Dorsey 4:02.14
7 Dey Dey 4:02.18
8 Joseph Tessema 4:03.93
9 Ryan Dohner 4:03.94
10 Louis Falland 4:04.75
11 Morsi Rayyan 4:05.20
12 Alejandro Garcia 4:05.43
13 Henry Sterling 4:06.15
14 Zaccheus Widner 4:08.33
15 Derek Henning 4:11.06
16 Bennett Prudhomme 4:31.80

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Heather Miller-Koch Answers the Question: Who Would Team USA Athletes Give An Olympic Medal To If Given The Chance?

If I could give a medal away to anyone I would give one to my coach/training partner/husband all-in-one! Ryan and I started the journey to become an Olympian many years ago. At the time many would have laughed in our faces if we told them this lofty goal. He put in countless hours of learning the events, training theories, diet, and strength training to be better equipped to coach me. He dedicated just as much — if not more — time and effort into this goal than me, and I am the one who can forever call myself an Olympian.

He deserves more than a medal! He helped push me to raise the bar in all aspects of life, not just track and field. If it weren't for Ryan, I wouldn't be the person I am today, the athlete I am or be able to call myself an Olympian. I love you, Ryan!
Heather Miller-Koch

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Day 4 USATF Masters Outdoor Track Results

Day 4 USATF Masters Outdoor Track  Results HERE

Sherwood Sagedahl  1st in 1500
2nd in the 200
Paul Montgomery 5th in the 200

Barbora Špotáková Wins Javelin throw in Rabat

Barbora Špotáková Wins Javelin throw at International Mohammed VI D'Athletisme de Rabat Meet

Javelin Throw - Women 
    1 Barbora Špotáková          CZE      63.73      
    2 Ratej , Martina                  SLO      62.46        
    3 Khaladovich , Tatsiana      BLR      62.38        
    4 Gleadle , Elizabeth            CAN      60.43        
    5 Winger , Kara                    USA      59.94      
    6 Hjálmsdóttir , Ásdís           ISL      59.67        
    7 Palameika , Madara           LAT      57.80        

Day 3 USATF Masters Outdoor Track Results

Day 3 USATF Masters Outdoor Track Live Results HERE

Sherwood Sagedahl 2nd  in 100 (75-79)
Paul Montgomery 4th in 100 (70-74)

Friday, July 14, 2017

Madrid IWC Results

Madrid IWC Results HERE

Laura Roesler 6th in 800

Updated: USATF Masters Outdoor Track Live Results

USATF Masters Outdoor Track Live Results HERE
Sherwood Sagedahl 1st 800(75-79)
Kathy Haubrich 4th in 400(55-59)

True Team "Wild Cards"

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Park Point 5-Mile Results

Park Point 5-Mile Results HERE

Duluth News Tribune race story HERE.

UMD Feature on Emi Trost

UMD Feature on Emi Trost HERE

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Top Moments for St. Kate's 2016 XC season

Gopher Men's 2017 Indoor and Outdoor Top 10 Lists

2020 Olympic Trials Marathon @usatf standards and qualification windows announced!

2020 Olympic Trials Marathon @usatf standards and qualification windows announced HERE

Sunday, July 09, 2017

London Diamond League Meet Results

London Diamond League Meet Results HERE

Barbora Špotáková 1st in javelin
Hassan Mead 7th in 3K
Ben Blankenship 10th in 1500

Friday, July 07, 2017

Thursday, July 06, 2017

TrackTown Summer Series: NYC Results

TrackTown Summer Series: NYC Results HERE

Ben Blankenship 3rd in 1500
Sean Donnelly 4th in the hammer throw
Harun Abda 7rh in 800

Finish of the 1500: Ben Blankenship, Robby Andrews, Johnny Gregorek

Gopher grad Barbora Špotáková 2nd in Lausanne

  Barbora  Špotáková  2nd in Lausanne Diamond League Meet

    1 Kolak , Sara                          CRO      68.43      
    2 Špotáková , Barbora              CZE      67.40      
    3 Mitchell , Kathryn                 AUS      66.12        
    4 Roberts , Kelsey-Lee             AUS      64.06        
    5 Khaladovich , Tatsiana          BLR      62.29      
    6 Viljoen , Sunette                    RSA      61.38        
    7 Palameika , Madara               LAT      60.35        
    8 Winger , Kara                        USA      59.19        
    9 Laasma , Liina                       EST      57.35        
   10 Molitor , Kathrina                GER      57.03

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

NSAF Performance Clinics

The NSAF( National Scholastic Athletics Foundation) has just signed a 5 year partnership with Sanford Health, making them the “Official Research Partner of the NSAF.” As part of our partnership, we will be hosting a triple jump/javelin clinic in Sioux Falls.  We work with the best athletes in the nation in these two events with our Project Javelin and Project Triple Jump programs and these top athletes will also be attending the clinic.  We also bring in the top coaches in the nation to put on the clinics.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for high school track and field athletes to help them reach their potential.  We actually supported Denzel Brown from Eden Prairie, to come to NBNO last weekend.  While he did not make the finals in either the 100 or the 200 he did represent the Heartland very well.

We are hoping to make the SD clinic the best clinic we put on in the nation and we are hoping you will reach out to any athletes, junior high, high school, or college that might be interested. Coaches are also welcome to register.  We would love to have a great showing of athletes and coaches from SD, ND, MN, IA.  Above is a flyer for the clinic and a website for registration and clinic info. Please feel free to pass this flyer/info on. 

Here is a link if you are interested in learning more about the NSAF and what we do.

Kevin Lewis 3rd, Cynthia Jerop 1st Woman in Fifth Season 8K

Fifth Season 8K results HERE
Cedar Rapids Gazette feature and photo of defending women's champion Cynthia Jerop HERE

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Peachtree/USATF 10K Championship Results

Peachtree 10K Results HERE

Jon Grey 7th
Danny Docherty 34th

Ben Sathre wins men’s title, Elizabeth Frick the women’s title at the Red, White & Boom! TC Half Marathon

Red, White & Boom! TC Half Marathon Results HERE
Summary of Half Marathon: Defending champion and event record-holder Ben Sathre of St. Paul and Elizabeth Frick of Eagan won individual titles at the July 4th  Red, White & Boom! TC Half Marathon, Relay & 5K. Sathre ran the 13.1 mile course in 1:10:14. Frick clocked 1:25:33.  Each earned $500.

“I just tried to have fun,” Sathre explained. “It’s all you can do when it’s hot and humid and it’s 6:30 in the morning.” In better conditions last year, Sathre ran 1:08:14 to establish his event record.

Rounding out the top-three in the men’s competition were Jesus Pardo Moreno of Segovia, Spain (1:13:05) and Nick Harris of Niwot, Colo. (1:13:35).

“I really enjoyed the trivia along the way,” Frick said, referring to signs on the course that quizzed runners about American history. “I’m just thankful for a great day and great support.”

Rounding out the women’s top-three were Lauren Mitchell of Madison, Ala. (1:27:28) and Rachel Anderson of Hudson, Wisc. (1:27:33).
In the half marathon relay division, the team of Mike Haasken and Mike Bester took first in men’s completion with a time of 1:27:52. Candice Schneider and Kandace Schuft won the women’s relay crown in 1:38:40.

The 5K winners were Joe Louiselle of St. Anthony in 16:16 and Maddie Alm of Louisville, Colo. in 17:05.

A total of 3873 runners competed in the eighth annual event which took place under partly sunny skies and humid conditions with temperature in the high 70s. In keeping with its Independence Day theme, the event, staged at Father Hennepin Bluff Park along the Minneapolis riverfront, featured post-race hot dogs, ice cream, yard games, and a Slip N Slide.

“We were pleased host a fun filled race to help people celebrate Independence Day, Twin Cities In Motion Executive Director Virginia Brophy Achman said. “It gives me and our whole staff a lot of pleasure to see so many people enjoy an active holiday. We’re also honored that so many people choose to volunteer time on a holiday for the event.”

In addition to this morning’s event, another 200 runners from across the country competed in the virtual version of the event in recent days, designing their own courses where they chose to spend the holiday.

Maggie Ewen 3rd in Tight Bowerman Women's Fan Award Votes

Maggie Ewen 3rd in Tight Bowerman Women's Fan Award Votes HERE

Sunday, July 02, 2017

TrackTown Summer Series-Portland Results

Finish of the 1500. LtoR ,
 and 2 others
                                    TrackTown Summer Series-Portland Results HERE
Ben Blankenship 1st in 1500.
Harun Abda 7th in 800

AAU Region 14 Qualifier Full Results

AAU Region 14 Qualifier Full Results HERE