Monday, August 31, 2015

Gopher Women 2nd, Men 3rd in Pre Season NCAA DI Regional XC Rankings

NCAA DI Regional rankings are HERE.

BBC Summary of the Best of Beijing

MDRA Como Park Relays 8 X 1 Mile Results

MDRA Como Park Relays 8 X 1 Mile Results HERE

Perham Focus Feature on the Boys' and Girls' XC Teams

Perham Focus feature on the boys' XC Team HERE
Girls' HERE.

West Central Tribune Look at the Rankings for Area Teams

West Central Tribune look at the rankings for area HS XC teams HERE.

Stillwater Gazette on the Pony Boys Time Trial

Stillwater Gazette on the Pony Boys' time trial HERE

Sun Sailor Preview on the Hopkins Boys' and Girls XC Teams

Sun Sailor Feature on Wayzata's Ruby Stauber

Sun Sailor HS XC Preview for the Wayzata Girls' Team

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Gopher Men's XC Schedule

Appalachian Trail Becoming Popular with the Wrong People

When Scott Jurek set a new record for completing the Appalachian Trail, he also got some unwelcome attention from Trail officials.  The town of Baxter, where the trail ends is not happy with the behavior of some of the hikers, who, they say, openly flout the rules.  The actions of these hikers has caused the town officials to contemplate ending the hospitality of the town as the trail's endpoint HERE

Running and the Journey of Self Discovery Featuring Heather Kampf

Nick Willis 6th in 1500 WC Men's Final

Barbora Špotáková 9th in IAAF WC Women's Javelin

Gopher grad Barbora Špotáková finishes ninth in the women's Javelin at the IAAF World Championships in Beijing.  She didn't make the top eight in her first three throws, so she didn't have a chance to move up in the standings in the final.  Results are HERE.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

2014 Women's Medtronic TC Marathon Champ, Esther Erb 24th in IAAF Worlds Marathon

Results are HERE.

Sneaker Culture Exhibit

Science: Emotional Intelligence or The Power of Positive Thinking?

The latest in mental training is tagged as "Emotional Intelligence," which is being championed by German researcher Sylvain Laborde.  Could also be labelled the power of positive thinking.  HERE.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Barbora Špotáková Qualifies for Women's Javelin Final

Gopher grad Barbora Špotáková qualifies for the women's javelin final with the third longest throw of the prelims.  Summary and results are HERE.

Science: IT Band and Stored Energy

Research indicates that the IT band is more than a "stabilizer" and potential injury site.  It also stores energy, one of the unexplored areas of what role connective tissue plays in running HERE.

"Crash Bros" Get Together; More Good vs. Evil; Bolt "Sunset"
More on the Good vs. Evil hype HERE.

BBC prematurely writing the final stages of Bolt's career HERE.

MDRA Como Park Relays 10 times 1K Results

MDRA Como Park Relays 10 times 1K Results HERE

Last race in  the series(8 times a mile) run on Wednesday.  Results HERE.

Good vs.Evil and the Segway

After getting run over by a camerman on a Segway.  Usain Bolt managed to get some humor out of it:
"Their rivalry in Beijing had been cast by some as "Good vs. Evil" because Gatlin served a four-year doping suspension midway through his career. By the end of their second showdown, however, they were joking with each other like boyhood buddies.
Explaining the cameraman incident to reporters, Bolt said: "The rumor I'm trying to start right now is that Justin Gatlin paid him off."
Gatlin, sitting beside him, retorted: 'I want my money back. He didn't complete the job.'" HERE.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Michael Johnson on how to Combat Doping

Morgan Place, Second Griak HOF Inductee Feature

Interview with Edina Girl's XC coach Matt Gabrielson

MDRA's Heidi Miler Retiring After a Quarter Century of Service

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hormone Irisin Helps the Heart

Some clues to how a hormone, irisin, helps the heart HERE.

B of A Chicago Marathon Drops "Rabbits"

No more rabbits(pacers) for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon HERE.

Commentary: They were Looking for a Scandal, but got a Footrace Instead

By Jim Ferstle
Under different circumstances Sunday's IAAF Championships men's 100 would have been hyped as a potential race of the century.  Multi Olympic and World champion, Usain Bolt, against his recently unbeaten challenger, Justin Gatlin, also an Olympic and World champion.  Both had run world records in the 100 meters. One represented the US, the other Jamaica, two of the world's top producers of elite Olympic sprinters.

 Alas, Gatlin had flunked two drug tests.  Been banned during his prime, but was coming back and dominating the sport.  Hadn't lost a race in two years.  Bolt had never lost an Olympics or World title aside from in 2011 when he false started.  Yes, he had been hindered by injuries for the past two years, but he still is Usain Bolt, world recordholder, the dominant sprinter in the World since 2008. Bolt emerged that year in the Bird's Nest Stadium in Beijing, site of this year's IAAF Championships as well as the the 2008 Olympics.  Three gold medals. Three world records.

Gatlin had won double gold for the US in the 2005 Helsinki World Championships. His only blemish then was a doping ban when he was a collegiate runner for a stimulant that was also a medication that Gatlin had taken when being treated for Attention Deficit Disorder. He was the Bolt of his time, but in 2006 he was banned again, this time for testosterone. In Gatlin's absence, Bolt ascended to the throne. Ran eye-popping World Records in both the 100 and 200 and anchored Jamaica's 4 by 100 relay team to the World Record.

Bolt became the face of track & field, Athletics, worldwide. For the last seven years he's been at the top of his events on the track, but also has been the consummate entertainer. Sports Illustrated writer Tim Layden summed up a typical Bolt championship season as spending the early season flying around the world promoting his sponsors, running some mediocre early season race times, then dominating the big stage, whether that be World Championships or the Olympics. The last two years Bolt has added to the drama because of injuries and less than perfect preparation for the end of season big shows.

Another element that changed during that time was Gatlin. Determined to attempt to take back what had been his, Gatlin slowly demonstrated that he was a legitimate contender to the titles both men wanted. Gatlin had lost what perhaps would have been his prime years as a sprinter. The chance to get closer to the dazzling times Bolt had posted at Olympic and World Championships. In response to those who questioned his PRs this year, Gatlin said that the years he was not competing because of the second doping ban gave his body less stress, more reserves.

He was fresher than he would have been had he been competing during the four years he was on the sidelines. Another take on that time was that he might have run even faster than he has now. He might have run 9.6 or even challenged Bolt's 9.58 World Record in the 100. He would have had Bolt to compete against. The duo might have had epic battles at the 2008 Games and again in 2012. Instead their epic encounter had to wait until this year in Beijing. Instead of being portrayed in the media as the Hollywood good guy vs bad guy match up, it would have been the two best sprinters in the world going mano a mano.

Gatlin would not have had to wear the pejorative "drugs cheat" moniker attached to him in the hype surrounding this year's match up. The pre race stories would not be feeding off the coverage of the multiple doping scandals that dominated the news about Athletics leading up to this year's championships. Instead the talk would be about a mere footrace. Who is the fastest? In an era of sensationalism instead of journalism, however, we have the "white hat" against the "black hat." The hero vs the villain. The champion vs the cheat. Why talk about a mere footrace, when you can have all that tabloid drama?

Podcast Interview with Team USA MN Coach Dennis Barker

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Kiel Uhl: First of 8 Features on Griak HOF Inductees

Shobukhova Not Yet Cleared to Compete

It could be merely be a matter of the words used, or more importantly those not used, but there is confusion over the status of Russian marathoner Liliya Shobukhova.  While the reduction in her ban announced yesterday by WADA is correct in saying she is “eligible” to compete now, she has not met all of the conditions necessary before she can be  fully cleared to compete, at least in any event sanctioned by the IAAF.  

The IAAF rules require repayment of the ill gotten gains(prize and appearance money paid to her during the time covered by her ban—2009 to 2012).  She also has to have been drug tested according to the rules set out for return to competition testing before she can compete.  Both conditions need to be met before Shobukhova can race again in IAAF competition.  Since the IAAF controls who can or cannot compete in major international competitions, such as the Olympics, that also means that Shobukhova cannot run in the Olympics in Rio unless she completes the necessary requirements.

Monday, August 24, 2015

NDSU's Erin Teschuk in Beijing

Teschuk finished tenth in her qualifying heat with a personal best of 9:40.07 and did not qualify for the finals.
Result is HERE.

Hassan Mead Beijing Photo

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Heather Kampf Interview, Crim 10-Mile Result

Interview with Heather Kampf after she won the Crim Michigan Mile HERE.
On Saturday, Kampf also finished 14th in the Crim 10-Mile in 58:54.

Bob Powers: 91 and Still Going Strong

100: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Meghan Peyton Interview

Interview with Team USA Minnesota's Meghan Peyton is HERE.

Long Jump "Snow Angels" at the World Champs

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Four MN Girls', Two Boys' Teams Ranked in Preseason NCA HS DII Top 25

Four MN Girls' Teams(Perham, Annandale, Fairmont, Waseca) Two Boys'(Mora, Perham) Ranked in NCA HS DII Top 25  Rankings HERE

Edina Boys Ranked 4th in MileSplit Preseason Rankings

Jaret Carpenter, Megan Hasz in Top 10 of NCA Presason HS XC Rankings

Wayzata's Jaret Carpenter is ranked seventh among the boys and Jefferson-Alexandria's Megan Hasz is ninth among the girls in the NCA All American XC Preseason rankings HERE. Megan's twin sister Bethany not mentioned on the list?  I guess only one per family is considered for the NCA rankings.

Hopkins and Edina boys; Wayzata and Edina girls among top 25 teams HERE.

Mason Ferlic "Dive" Photo Tops Web Page

Mead 15th in WC 10K

Results with splits HERE.

Track & Field News Predictions for IAAF World Championships

Track & Field News Predictions for IAAF World Championships are HERE(women) and HERE(Men)

Friday, August 21, 2015

Updadted: Heather Kampf Wins Crim Michigan Mile; John Simons 5th in Men's Mile

Heather Kampf won the Crim Michigan Mile.  Results are HERE.

John Simons was fifth in the men's pro mile.  Results are HERE.

Strib Story on Retired Wayzata Coach Bill Miles

Strib columnist Pat Reusse on retired Wayzata coach Bill Miles HERE.

MIAC XC Preview

Strib Feature on Hassan Mead

Thursday, August 20, 2015

2016 US Olympic Marathon Trials to be Broadcast Live

A comeback Story Looking for a Happy Ending

NSIC Women's XC Team Preason Rankings

NSIC Women's XC Preseason team rankings   HERE

NSIC Men's XC Preseason Team Rankings

NSIC Men's XC Preseason team rankings  HERE

Mason Ferlic Feature

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Gopher Women XC Season Preview

Gender Testing. Fair? Necessary?

Sarah Barker writes about the Dutee Chand case that was recently ruled on by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).  Was it the right decision?  Fair?  necessary? Should generate discussion on all sides of the issue. Article HERE.

IAAF Election Results

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Park Flyers, Southern MN Pole Vault Club Awarded USATF Foundation Youth Club Grant

3 Athletes, 3 Countries, 1 IAAF World Championships

NDSU has three athletes competing at the IAAF World Championships, each representing a different country HERE.

Nick Willis Profile

Nick Willis on his way to the record in the Medtronic
TC Mile in 2013. Photo by Gene Niemi
Running Times profile of Medtronic Twin Cities Mile men's record holder, Nick Willis is HERE.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Wayzata Girls 10th in Pre Season National Rankings

Science: Post Exercise Ice Baths Not Beneficial for Strength Training

Research on post exercise ice baths on strength training seemed to reduce long-term gains in muscle  mass and strength.  HERE

Hassan Mead Interview

More MDRA 15K Photos

The MDRA 15K may be the most photo documented races of the year.  Tom Ruen's photos are HERE.

Susan Loyd Takes Home Gold and Silver at World Masters Championships

By Tom Langenfeld
Susan Loyd wrapped up her world meet competition as a member of the USA’s gold medal W55 4x400m relay team. The posted results indicate that she ran the second leg for the US team, which had a time of 4:40.90 in a close victory over France and Great Britain.

She also took a silver medal as the lead-off runner for the USA’s W55 4x100 relay team, which ran 57.94 in finishing second to Great Britain.  France, Italy and Finland rounded out the top five.
4 by 100 W55 results are HERE. 4 by 400 HERE.

Kids City XC League Starts This Week

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Meghan Peyton 17th in Falmouth

Team USA Minnesota''s Meghan Peyton finished seventeenth in the Falmouth Road Race.
Results are HERE.

Gene Niemi's MDRA 15K Photo Album

Chris Ericksen(1052) and Ben Sathre(1189) early in the race.
Photo by Gene Niemi
Kim Robinson(1181) surrounded by men early in the race
Photo by Gene Niemi
The Run n Fun pack
Photo by Gene Niemi
Top: Sathre, Ericksen, and 2014 15K winner Jake Marotz battle early on.
Photo by Gene Niemi

Men's winner Ben Sathre pulls away from Ericksen.
Photo by Gene Niemi
Woman's winner Kim Robinson.
Photo by Gene Niemi

Race results are HERE.

MDRA 15K Results/Photos

Results are HERE

2015 Boys Class A Coaches Association XC Rankings

1.​ Mora​​
2.​ Perham​​​
3.​ St. Cloud Cathedral​
4.​ Lake City ​
5. ​Proctor​​
6.​ Montevideo​​ ​​
7 ​Minnehaha Academy​​​
8. ​Trinity of River Ridge.
9.​ Hawley/Ulen-Hitterdahl​ ​
10. ​Belle Plaine​​​
11.​ LaCrescent​
12​ Eveleth-Gilbert ​

1. Conor Schank Howard Lake/Waverly/W
2. Kurt Tebeest ​ Montevideo
3. John Hall​ Milaca
4. Noah Moravec​​ Mora
5. Ben Himmelspach Ottertail Central
6. John Roth ​ Lake Crystal WM/N
7. Carl Kozlowski ​ Lake City
8. ​​Michael Schwinghamer ​Mora
9. Josh Sunblad ​Fairmont
10.Cody Stevens Proctor
11.Michael Mitchell ​Blake
12.Matt Steiger​ LaCrescent
​​ ​

2015 Girls Class A Coaches Association XC Rankings

1.​  Annandale​ ​ ​
2.​  Trinity of River Ridge​ ​
3.​   Perham ​
4.  ​Lac Qui Parle Valley-DB​ ​ ​
5.​  Holdingford​ ​
6.​  Mora​ ​​​
7.​  St. Paul Academy​​ ​
8. ​ Dover-Eyota​ ​
9.​  Park Rapids ​
10.​ Fairmont​
11.​Lanesboro/Fillmore Central​
12.​Rochester Lourdes ​​

1.   Madison Schandelmeier   Luverne Area
2.   Anna Donnay                   Eden Valley-Watkins/K
3.   Beth Stevermer                United South Central
4.   Elizabeth Schlafke ​           Annandale
5.   Grace Ennis​                     Trinity of River Ridge
6.   Emily Kasper​                   Annandale
7.   Gabi Ferrell​                     Luverne Area
8.   Ellie Morgan​ ​                  Frazee
9.   Ellysa Peterson ​              Greenway/N-K
10. Morgan Richter​              Breck
11. Jessica Scheer​               Annandale
12. Kayla Christopherson   Austin Pacelli

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Brits Pub Vault Elite Field Announced

MDRA Como Park 6 x1 Mile Relay Results

Susan Loyd 11th in Masters World Championships W55 400 Semifinals

Susan Loyd finished with the eleventh fastest time in the W55 400 meters semifinals at the Masters World Championships in Lyon, France in 1:13.05. She was fourth in the second semi. Results are HERE.

Friday, August 14, 2015

2015 Girls AA Cross Country MN Coaches Association Rankings(Pre-Season)

1 Minnetonka 417                          
2 Edina 423                                  
3 Wayzata 427                              
4 Willmar 467                                
5 Forest Lake 577                          
6 Lakeville South 925                    
7 White Bear Lake 980                  
8 Lakeville North 1035                  
9 Shakopee 1063                          
10 Austin 1079                              
11 Duluth East 1110                          
12 Marshall 1160                              
13 Mahtomedi 1276                        
14 Centennial 1322                        
15 Roseville 1340                            
16 Mpls Washburn 1342                  
17 Andover 1361                              
18 St M-A 1437                                
19 East Ridge 1498                          
20 Rosemount 1564    

 1        Megan Hasz, 12                Alexandria          
2        Bethany Hasz, 12              Alexandria          
3        Tess Misgen, 11               Shakopee            
4        Emma Benner, 12               Forest Lake         
5        Emily Covert, 9               Mpls Washburn
6         Annika Lerdall, 11            Wayzata             
7         Jasmyn Armstrong, 9           Red Wing            
8         Michaela Keller-Miller, 12    Wayzata             
9         Lauren Peterson, 9            Farmington          
10       Anastasia Korzenowski, 11     Chanhassen          
11       Amanda Mosborg, 11            Edina               
12       Emma Christensen, 12          Rochester John Marshall  

Honerable Mention:  Rhianna Rinke, 11,North Branch; Sadie Hamrin, 10,  Bemidji; Hannah Oscarson, 12, Mpls Washburn; Claire Boersma, 11,  Marshall; Jessa Hanson, 11, Willmar; Sophie Whicher, 10, Minnetonka;  Sarah Olson, 9, Blaine; Mae Fullerton, 12, Benilde-St. Margret's;  Molly Moynihan, 10, Apple Valley; Emily Kompelien, 10, Edina  

2015 Boys AA Cross Country MN Coaches Association Rankings(Pre-Season)

Rank      Team                                    Votes
1              Edina                                      58
2              Hopkins                                  56
3              Wayzata                                 49
4              Stillwater                                47
5              Prior Lake                             32
6              Minneapolis Washburn           31
7              Shakopee                              22
8              Centennial                             20
9              St. Michael-Albertville          15
10           Bemidji                                  14
11           Minnetonka                           12
T12         Willmar                                   8
T12         Elk River                                 8
 Other Teams receiving votes:
Andover, Chaska, Eden Prairie, Red Wing, Rochester Century, White Bear Lake

Rank      Athlete                                                       Votes                        
1              Jaret Carpenter, Wayzata                             60
2              Owen Hoeft, Hopkins                                  55
3              Andrew Sell, Minneapolis Washurn              44
4              Jack Manderscheid, Edina                            41
5              Micah Mather, St. Paul Highland Park          33
6              Nadir Yusuf, Willmar                                    32
7              Sam Thomas, Edina                                      27
8              Kyle Rachel, Shakopee                                23
9              Kevin Dado, Totino Grace                           21
10           Reed Kurak, Centennial                                16
11           Seth Eliason, Hopkins                                     9
12           Hamza Ali, Minneapolis Washburn                 7             

Other Athletes receiving votes:
Colin Dwyer, Prior Lake; Collin Kiley, Roseville; Eli Krahn, Stillwater; Sam Nofziger, Tartan; Patrick Roos, Edina; Nicholas Shaleen, Wayzata
(Released 8/14/2015)

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Research on Female Endurance Athletes, Energy Levels, and Diet

Research into the dietary practices of female endurance runners and the impact of diet on energy levels and performance HERE

Annie Bersagel: "Chasing the American Dream from Olso"

Annie Bersagel profiled on  as a contender for the 2016 US Olympic marathon team HERE.

Next Olympic Sport? Skate Vaulting?

Scott Jurek Interview

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Updated USATF Minnesota Track Records

Updated lists of USATF Minnesota records(Records include: All time, Indoor Championships, Junior Olympics, Summer League, Open & Masters, Star of the North Games & National Senior Games.)  HERE.

Susan Loyd Qualifies for 400 Semifinals

Susan Loyd finished with the eighth fastest time and qualified for the semifinals of the W55 400.
Result is HERE.

Kara Goucher on the Radio

Open Letter from Dr. Michael Ashenden to Lord Coe

If there is any must read document produced thus far in the latest doping scandal involving the road running and track & field, this is it.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Josh Thorson Feature

12 TV feature on Wayzata grad/UW Eau Claire's Josh Thorson HERE.

Hatlevig 5th in High Jump at Masters World Championships in Lyon, France

By Tom Langenfeld
Brian Hatlevig took fifth at 1.85m (6’ ¾”) in a strong 22-man M40 high jump field at the world meet in Lyon yesterday.  Three jumpers, from Sweden, Latvia, and France, had 1.96m (6’5”), and a jumper from Spain made 1.90 (6’2 ¾”).

Susan Loyd made the semi-finals in the W55 200m with a time of 32.04.  That was the thirteenth best time in a field of 37 sprinters, but she did not advance to the finals.

Men's results are HERE.  Women's HERE.

Team USA Minnesota Adds Four to the Roster

Abbabiya Simbassa
Photo courtesy of Big 12

Katy Moen
Team USA MN photo

Parker Stinson
Team USA MN photo

Megan Goethals
Team USA MN photo
RunnerSpace/RRW story on Parker Stinson HERE.

St. Thomas Grad Bryan Anderson 6th Fastest Beer Miler

 Now that Nick Symmonds has a gap in his summer race schedule, and has shown prowess as a Beer Miler, maybe Brian and Nick could go at it in a "made for TV" Beer Mile Challenge.

Monday, August 10, 2015

MDRA Hosting Screening of Arrowhead 135

US Team for the IAAF World Championships Announced

USATF Statement on Nick Symmonds; TFAA Statement on Revenue Sharing Agreements and Transparency

Editor's Comment/Clarification: USATF misstates the facts as Nick Symmonds did not decide to "not to represent the United States at the IAAF World Championships."  He declined to sign the USATF "Statement of Conditions."  It is deceitful and incorrect to state otherwise.

TFAA statements on Revenue Sharing  Agreements and Transparency is HERE.

Gary Wilson Selected for the USTFCCCA Coaches Hall of Fame

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Commentary:the Nick Symmonds Situation

By Jim Ferstle
US 800 meter champion Nick Symmonds announced via Twitter tonight that he had been informed that he was no longer on the US team that will compete in the IAAF World Championships in Beijing. The reason? Symmonds refused to sign a "dress code" agreement between USATF and Nike.

This dispute brought back memories of 1991 when the US team was competing in the IAAF World Championships in Japan. The conversation about that event centered on the issue of athletes' responsibilities as well and demonstrated how much things have changed in the last 24 years.

My notes are from a conversation I had in the 1991 with the late Alvin Chriss, who had been special assistant to then USATF executive director Ollan Cassell.  Chriss was trying to convince me that Cassell was not the enemy of the athletes.  That, Cassell was, in fact, an advocate for athletes' rights. To illustrate his point he told me a story about an encounter between a couple of Santa Monica Track Club athletes and Steve Miller, then  newly hired by Nike to manage the company's sponsorship deals, such as the one they had signed with USATF.

As it is today, that relationship included Nike providing the national uniforms for the US athletics teams at events, such as the World Championships.  During the '91 championships, Chriss said, Miller had witnessed Carl Lewis, a Santa Monica TC member and star of the US team, and another Santa Monica athlete on the infield of the track.  The pair were getting ready for a workout and each had removed their Nike issued US uniform tops, underneath which was a Santa Monica Track Club shirt.  The pair was not intending to work out in their Santa Monica gear, the shirt was just something they had on under their US team gear.

Miller informed the athletes that this was a violation of Nike's agreement with USATF.  That both athletes were guilty of breach of the contract.  When this incident was relayed to Cassell, he summoned Miller and a less than cordial conversation occurred, Chriss noted.  Cassell told  Miller that: "They(Lewis and his teammate) don't belong to you."

Cassell added that if Miller had an issue with athletes' behavior. "You come and talk to me." Miller, who currently is the Chairman of the USATF Board of Directors, was not pleased about being admonished on the matter, Cassell told Chriss.  But the dispute went no further.

Chriss said that Cassell believed that part of his job was to see that athletes were fairly treated.  The perception  of the athletes to the Symmonds dispute outcome is the opposite.  The athletes are getting the message that they are not valued for their athletic talents, but instead are merely billboards for the highest bidder.

The last word has not been spoken on this situation, however.  A matter that seemingly had a simple solution could get even more complicated.  Lawyers could get involved.  Neither party to the dispute is likely to walk away unscathed.

The allure of sports is that each event has a clear winner, not what company has purchased the right team. The Olympics, World Championships, etc. are athletic contests, not fashion shows or infomercials.  .The athletes and sponsors need each other.  Some sort of solution should have been negotiated on the impasse that has resulted in a World Championship silver medallist forgoing his opportunity to compete because of sponsorship issues.

Athletes matter.

Meghan Peyton 7th in Portland Track Festival 10K

Team USA Minnesota's Meghan Peyton seventh in Portland Track Festival 10K.
Result is HERE

Candy Anyone?

Research on consumption of carbohydrates/confectionery products on performance during 30K run HERE

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Hassan Mead Runs Sub-4

Hassan Mead finished third in the men's mile in 3:59.89 at the FlowTtrack Throwdown meet.
Result is HERE.

Garrett Heath Runs sub 1:50 800

Garrett Heath finished sixth in the 800 at the FloTrack Throwdown meet in 1:49.45.
Result is HERE.

Gabe Grunewald 2nd in FloTrack Throwdown Women's Mile

Result is HERE.

TCTC Pole Vaulter Leslie Brost PR's in Mexico

Nike: Angel and Devil

Orange County Register's Scott Reid writes about how Nike promotes and undermines track& field HERE.

How High? How Far? How Fast?

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Como Relays: Something for Everybody

Sarah Barker writes in the Strib about the Como Relays HERE.

NXN Heartland Boys' HS Pre-Season Rankings

Mead and Erb Runners to Watch in Beijing

Hassan Mead and 2014 Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon women's champion Esther Erb named as athletes to watch at the IAAF World Outdoor Track Championships in Beijing  HERE

Ted Experts Muse on What Sports Will Be Like in the Future

Writer David Epstein, biomedical engineer Cynthia Bir,and NFL punter Chris Kluwe talk about what's ahead for sports in the future HERE.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Culture Change Needed to Curb Doping

Culture change needed to curb doping HERE.

Como Park Relays Photos

USATF MN Summer League Meet #5 Results

 USATF MN Summer League Meet #5 Results are HERE.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Como Park Relays Tonight

Video of the Liberty Mile Women's Race

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Heather Kampf and Gabe Grunewald Post Liberty Mile Interviews

Heather Kampf and Gabe Grunewald talk to FloTrack after the Liberty mile.  Kampf interview is HERE.  Grunewald HERE.