Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Shobukhova Not Yet Cleared to Compete

It could be merely be a matter of the words used, or more importantly those not used, but there is confusion over the status of Russian marathoner Liliya Shobukhova.  While the reduction in her ban announced yesterday by WADA is correct in saying she is “eligible” to compete now, she has not met all of the conditions necessary before she can be  fully cleared to compete, at least in any event sanctioned by the IAAF.  

The IAAF rules require repayment of the ill gotten gains(prize and appearance money paid to her during the time covered by her ban—2009 to 2012).  She also has to have been drug tested according to the rules set out for return to competition testing before she can compete.  Both conditions need to be met before Shobukhova can race again in IAAF competition.  Since the IAAF controls who can or cannot compete in major international competitions, such as the Olympics, that also means that Shobukhova cannot run in the Olympics in Rio unless she completes the necessary requirements.

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