Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Importance of Rest

The importance of rest, aiming to peak at the right time HERE.

NSIC Preseason Coaches Poll

NSIC men's preseason  coaches Poll HERE

NSIC women's preseason coaches poll HERE.

Hamline Invitational Moved to Sunday

Minnesota's "roller coaster weather(mainly cold temps)" are changing the schedules and/or plans to participate in events this weekend.  Would be wise to double check the status before you make the journey to track meets this weekend.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Edina St. Thomas Time Trials & Gopher Classic Results

Edina St. Thomas Time Trials Girl's results HERE. Boy's Gopher Classic results HERE

Eden Prairie Intrasquad Meet Results

Eden Prairie Intrasquad Meet Boy's Results HERE Girl's HERE

Drake Relays Women's 1500 Preview

Drake Relays Women's 1500 Preview HERE

NCAA Women's OT Dual Meet Rankings

NCAA Women's Outdoor Track Dual Meet Rankings HERE.
Gophers 18th in national rankings. 7th in Midwest.

NCAA OT DII Weekly Team Rankings

MSU Mankato 20th in National Men's Rankings, 18th in Women's National Rankings

MSU Mankato Women 1st in Central Region.  Men 2nd.

Concordia St. Paul Men and Women 14th in Central Region

UMD Women 16th in Central Region

Monday, March 28, 2016

NCAA Outdoor Men's Dual Meet Rankings

NCAA Outdoor Men's  Dual Meet Rankings HERE

Gopher's 12th, 5th in Midwest Rankings.

Riccardo Romo Invitational Results; Shaina Burns Wins Heptathlon

Lakeville South grad Shaina Burns wins heptathlon at the Ricardo Romo Invitational.  Heptathlon Results HERE.   Full results HERE.  Meet story HERE and HERE.

NCAA Weekly Top Ten Marks

Mason Ferlic fourth in the 1500 in 3:44.67

Gophers  first in the 4 by 800 Relay in 8:47.62
Gophers first in the 8 by 1500 Relay in 18:18.65
Madeline Strandemo third in the 3K steeplechase 10:21.84
Maggie Ewen eighth in the hammer throw at 62.24m/204'2"
Shaina Burns fourth in the heptathlon

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Saturday, March 26, 2016

PAC 12 Big Ten Invitational Results

PAC 12 Big Ten Invitational Results HERE

Mason Ferlic 3rd in the 1500 in 3:44.67.
Maggie Ewen 1st in discus 51.72m/169'8"
Maggie Ewen 2nd in shot put 16.10m/52'10"

Ashley Nally Heptathlon/Herschel Neil Decathlon Results

Ashley Nally Heptathlon/ Herschel Neil Decathlon Results HERE and HERE
MSU Mankato Summary is HERE.

Raleigh Relays Results

Raleigh Relays Results HERE
Gopher women's summary HERE.

PAC 12 Big Ten Invitational Day 1 Results

PAC 12 Big Ten Invitational Day 1 Results HERE
ASU's Maggie Ewen second in the Hammer Throw 62.24m

Drake Relays 2016 Preview Press Conference

Drake Relays 2016 Preview Press Conference HERE.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Wendy's/PSU Invitational Results

Wendy's/PSU Invitational  Results HERE.
Concordia St. Paul summary is HERE.
MSU Mankato summary is HERE.

Herschel Neil Decathlon Day 1 Results

Herschel Neil Decathlon Day 1 Results HERE
MSU Mankato summary is HERE.

Ashley Nally Heptathlon Day 1 Results

Ashley Nally Heptathlon Day 1 Results HERE.
MSU Mankato summary is HERE.

Grand View Invitational Results

Grand View Invitational Results  HERE
MSU Mankato women's summary HERE. Men HERE.

Mankato Free Press Story on MSU Mankato's Myles Hunter

Mankato Free Press Story on MSU Mankato's Myles Hunter HERE

Raleigh Relays Day 1 Results

Raleigh Relays  Day1 Results HERE
Gopher women's summary HERE

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Gopher's Sean Donnelly Big 10 Field Athlete of the Week

Gopher's Sean Donnelly Big 10 Field Athlete of the Week HERE

Road Miles are Thriving

NCAA DIII OT Weekly Rankings

St. Olaf 7th
St. Scholastica 18th

St. Thomas 14th
Carleton 24th

NCAA DI OT Weekly Rankings

Gopher men ranked 28th, women 46th in NCAA DI Outdoor Track rankings HERE.

Gopher Grad Barbora Špotáková Sidelined by Foot Fracture

O'Gara's Irish Run Photo Album

Gopher's Sean Donnelly Top Ten in the World in the Hammer Throw

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

NCAA DII OT Rankings

NCAA DII Outdoor Track Rankings HERE

MSU Mankato 25th in Men's National Rankings. Sixth in the Central Region.
UMD women ranked ninth in the Central Region.

USF Bulls Invitational Results

USF Bulls Invitational Results HERE.
Augsburg men's summary HERE.  Women HERE.

NCAA Weekly Top Ten List

MSU Mankato's Myles Hunter ranked second in the 110 Hurdles 13.70
Gopher's Aaron Bartnik fifth in the 3K steeplechase in 9:03.39
Gopher's Derek Wiebke seventh in the 800 in 1:49.84
Gopher 4 by 400 relay ninth in 3:10.09
Gopher's Nick Bachinski tenth in the high jump 2.13m/6'11.75"

ASU's Maggie Ewen ninth in the discus 55.46m/181'11" and the hammer throw 64.04m/210'1"


NCAA DII Athletes of the Week HERE

Monday, March 21, 2016

Tom Langenfeld: Minnesota Track & Field HOF 2016 Inductee

Tom Langenfeld has been high jumping since he was 12 years old.  "My father took me to the AAU Championships that were being held at Marquette University," he said.  At the meet a Jamaican sprinter, Herb McKenley,  who had run for the University of Illinois set a world record in the 400 meters.  "I was hooked," Langenfeld said.
Herb McKenley in full stride. Photo courtesy of the
University of Illinois

For most people the age of 12 was not that long ago, but Langenfeld is 80, and he's still jumping. He dabbled in the long jump and triple jump, but the high jump remained his first love.  "I never stopped (high) jumping," he said.  The competition, he adds, was "addicting." His success wasn't immediate, but it was consistent over the years and gained momentum as he aged.   In recognition of his achievements during his long career, Langenfeld was inducted into the Minnesota Track & Field Hall of Fame in February.

He's won many national and international titles, starting with a third place finish in the Wisconsin State High School Championships to being a world champion and world recordholder in his age group in Masters competition. He was the first 40 year old in Minnesota to clear 6 feet.  He won his first Masters high jump title in 1975.  He has won 37 US Masters titles, 23 outdoor and 14 indoors. He set a Masters age 45 World record in 1980.  His Age 40 indoor age-group record is now held by double Olympic bronze medalist Dwight Stones.

Langfeld as a sophomore during a practice session at Dana College in Blair, Nebraska.
When Tom started jumping the pits were more like a long jump pit of sand.  The part
of your body that took the most stress wasn't your legs, but your arms, he says, because
you had to cushion the fall with your arm and hands instead of  landing on your back
in a giant "foam pillow" that cushions the fall for today's  high jumpers .
Photo courtesy of Tom Langenfeld

As Tim Zbikowski said in introducing Tom at the HOF induction ceremonies: "while most men his age are worried they won’t be able to get back up if they fall to the ground, Tom is more focused on how high he can get off the ground before he falls down."  Despite the fact that his injuries these days take longer to heal, Tom is not ready to hang up his jumping shoes anytime soon.

Those jumping shoes are almost half as old as he is. "The jump shoe I’m using now will be 33 years old this summer (bought in 1983), essentially the same model as the shoe I’m wearing in the 1978 photo below, but held together precariously at this point by lots and lots of tape," he says.  "The question, of course, is what’s going to fall apart first, me or the shoe?"

"I still love to compete," Langenfeld says.  In his younger days, Langenfeld was usually able to jump several inches higher in competition than in practice.  Each competition Langenfeld wanted to place as high as he could, but also wanted to better his PR each time.  This way he had two goals going in and if he won, but didn't set a PR, he could be satisfied with the performance.  Same if he lost but set a PR.  While the lifetime PRs have not been feasible for some time, he can still adjust expectations to strive from year to year to set a calendar personal best and attempt to improve on that when he can.

He has seen the event change from a variety of techniques to get over the bar to today's high jumpers who are nearly all "floppers," the head and back first over the bar aerial gymnastics invented by Dick Fosbury in the 1960s.  The pits improved from sand to foam strips held together in a large bundle, to today's modern giant foam "pillows" that equally cushion the fall for jumpers who used the "straddle"method, like Langenfeld, or the floppers.
Winning jump(over 6 feet) at the 1978 US Masters Championships in Atlanta
Photo courtesy of Tom Langenfeld
Langenfeld experimented with the flop, but decided not to switch. He didn't like the idea of landing "on my head."  While his accomplishments have been more as a Master, Langenfeld says that his high school years were the best.  Everything was new, and he was successful.  Not wildly so as there were no high school state titles, or collegiate national championships or records achieved as he's done in the Masters, but the sport taught him basic values.

"I was from an era where the culture was that you got better by working hard.  The temptation to use "short cuts" or artificial means of performance enhancement was not as big an issue as it is today.  "It's still fun," says Langenfeld, about the training and competition. "I'm still trying to get it right."  It's not only kept him active.  He can run with his four year old granddaughter at kids' races, and the sport has taken him around the world and introduced him to like minded other veteran athletes.

He won his first World Masters title in Australia, traveled through Germany with fellow Minnesota Masters legend, Bill Andberg.  Langenfeld also "gives back" to the Athletics community by being the USATF Minnesota Masters Chairman for the past 25 years.

Like most Masters athletes, Langenfeld does not see aging as a negative thing, but rather a new opportunity to set more records.  He started off 2016 with age group records in his first two meets.  And he has a sense of humor.  When he was travelling to Australia for the World Masters championships in 2001 he saw  he flight attendant coming down the aisle eyeing the passengers.  She stopped when she saw Tom and asked: "Are you the gentleman who requested the wheelchair?"

Or when he was at a meet in Richfield he was approached by some high school kids who looked at his footwear and asked: "Are those orthopedic shoes?"  He laughs when he tells those stories.  When he started competing as a Master "there weren't too many of us."  The Minnesota AAU didn't have events split into age group competition for Masters.  When the demand for Masters categories increased a Masters US Championship was created.  The Masters athletes said to each other that those who won national titles were "the best guys who could afford to get to the meet."
Langenfeld posing for a photo taken by fellow Masters athlete, Thom
Weddle at the US Masters Outdoor Track Championships at Millikin
University in Illinois in 2004
Today with former Olympians, such as Stones, who still love to compete, love the sport, are mixed in with less well known athletes, such as Langenfeld, who can swap stories, push each other get the best out of themselves.  Demonstrating that sport is not just for the young or the genetically gifted.  They welcome all who want to take part, explore their potential, and have fun doing it.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hamline Men 3rd, Women 5th, St. Kate's 8th at Ross and Sharon Irwin Collegiate Scoring Meet

Ross and Sharon Irwin Collegiate Scoring Meet HERE.

Hamline summary HERE.
St. Kate's summary HERE.

Laura Roesler Qualifies for Final of the 800

Laura Roesler Qualifies for Final of IAAF World Championships 800.  Wins the third heat. Results HERE

Baldy Castillo Invitational Results; Maggie Ewen Wins Discus

Baldy Castillo Invitational Results HERE

ASU's Maggie Ewen won the women's discus with a toss of 55.56m

Gopher summary HERE.
MSU Mankato summary HERE.

Pros and Cons of Wearable Technology

The pros and cons of wearable technology HERE.

O'Gara's Irish Run/USATF 8K Championship Results

O'Gara's Irish Run/USATF 8K Championship  Results HERE
8K top 10 male and female HERE.
Team results HERE.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Baldy Castillo Invitational Day 1 Results; Maggie Ewen Update

Baldy Castillo Invitational results HERE

Aaron Bartnick wins Steeple in 9:03.39
Sean Donnelly won the men's hammer throw. Gian Ferretti second 

ASU's  Maggie Ewen, third in the women's hammer  64.04m (210'1")
Catch Up from Indoors  Ewen won A weight throw HERE.
Finished 15th in NCAA Indoors in the shot put HERE.

Gopher's summary HERE

Jaguar Classic Results

 Jaguar Classic Results HERE.

Gopher summary HERE

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

World Indoor Championships Broadcast Schedule

World Indoor Championships Broadcast Schedule HERE.

Outdoor Season Begins

NCAA DIII Dual Meet Rankings

St. Thomas 8th
Concordia Moorhead 46th

St. Thomas 12th
St Ben's 25th
Concordia Moorhead 35th
St. Olaf 38th
St. Kates's 63rd

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

NCAA DIII Program of the Year Rankings

NCAA DIII Program of the Year Rankings HERE.

St. Olaf men ranked second in men's rankings.
Carleton and St. Thomas tied for ninth in the women's rankings

NCAA DII Program of the Year Rankings

UMD is ranked sixth and U-Mary tenth in the NCAA women's DII Program of the Year rankings HERE  MSU Moorhead ranked 13th in the men's rankings HERE.

Gopher Men Ranked 19th in NCAA DI Program of the Year Rankings

Gopher Men Ranked 19th in NCAA DI Program of the Year Rankings HERE

Outstanding Performers for NCAA DIII Championships

NCAA DII Outdoor Track Rankings

UMD women ranked fourth in the Central Region

Monday, March 14, 2016

US Team for IAAF World Indoor Championships Announced

Laura Roesler running the 800
Full list HERE.

Peter Haack Fourth in US Masters 200

by Tom Langenfeld
Ken Stone’s masters blog reported that Minnesotan  Peter Haack, a masters sprinter from La Crescent, ran in the men’s 200m in one of the two exhibition Masters races at the USATF national indoor championships in Portland.   He finished fourth in a field of four in 24.49—but only five one-hundredths of a second out of third and a tenth of a second out of second.  Video HERE 

Maria Sharapova and Retrospective TUEs

If you're a tennis fan or someone who follows the myriad of doping issues, you've undoubtedly heard of the doping case of Maria Sharapova.  One of the issues raised by Sharapova's lawyer is that she could pursue a retroactive Theraputic Use Exemption(TUE).  A TUE is an option for athletes who have a medical condition that requires use of a substance that is also on the WADA banned list.
The following is the opinion of Dr. Ken Fitch, an Australian professor who has extensive experience with setting up the rules for TUE's within the Olympic movement. This topics relevance to all sports is the requirements that must be met to be granted a TUE in any sport. 

The following was submitted by Dr. Ken Fitch, an Australian doctor and Professor, School of Sports Science, Exercise and Health, Faculty of Life Science University of Western Australia. Dr. Fitch also wrote the rules for TUEs in 1991 for the IOC, chaired the IOC's TUE Committee for 20 years, chaired WADA's interim committee (2001-2003) that established the initial International Standard for TUE (2004) and chaired my national TUE Committee for 22 years. 

Maria Sharapova’s lawyer exploring a possible TUE to exempt a sanction
The ludicrous suggestion by Sharapova’s lawyer that she might seek a retroactive Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) to avoid a sanction for testing positive to meldonium demands a response.  Ignoring whether the 2016 World Anti-Doping Code and the 2015 International Standard for TUEs does or does not make a retroactive TUE a possibility in her circumstances, if anybody examines the criteria that must be met to grant a TUE, he/she would understand that no respectable TUE Committee could approve any such application.
WADA states that there are four criteria, all of which must be met to grant a TUE.
  • The drug is necessary to treat an acute or chronic medical condition and the athlete would experience a significant impairment to health if it were to be withheld

  • The therapeutic use of the prohibited drug is highly unlikely to produce any additional enhancement of performance beyond what might be anticipated by a return to the athlete’s normal state of health following the treatment

  • There is no reasonable therapeutic alternative to the use of the prohibited drug.

  • The necessity to use of the prohibited drug is not a consequence of prior use of a prohibited drug or method

Would Sharapova’s health be significantly impaired if she was denied a TUE? 
The Latvian makers of meldonium advise that it should be taken in intermittent courses of 4-6 weeks and for what period of time Sharapova administered meldonium during the past 10 years, has yet to be disclosed.  As the only acceptable medical indications are for ischemic cardiac and ischemic cerebral conditions, it is unthinkable that Sharapova has either.  Hence any claim that should she be denied the right to take meldonium would impair her health is simply fanciful.  Any TUE application must fail criterion 1. 
The second criterion was introduced because some athletes had an essential need to take a prohibited drug.  For example, an insulin dependent diabetic would die if denied insulin which has been prohibited in sport since 1998 and their daily insulin injections that are permitted with a TUE do not enhance performance.  Whether meldonium actually enhances performance in humans has yet to be demonstrated.  That WADA has advised that in less than two months since it was added to the Prohibited List, 99 athletes have tested positive for meldonium would appear to indicate that many athletes and their advisors believe that it does.  No athlete could claim that meldonium was essential to restore their health back to normal levels.  To claim that without it, a person’s health would be less than normal is surely fictitious.  Fails criterion 2
There are many drugs that have been demonstrated in scientific trials to be valuable in cardiac ischemia and the vast majority would be far superior to meldonium.  The few meldonium studies performed in humans have been on persons who recently had experienced a myocardial infarction or an acute coronary syndrome.  That the makers of meldonium recommend that it is administered only in intermittent courses in contrast to most of the widely acceptable, prescribed alternatives that are to be taken daily, is further evidence of the non-essential status of meldonium to treat cardiac ischemia.  As the drug is marketed in only 10 countries globally and Sharapova has lived in USA for much of her life where meldonium is not approved for human use, this poses further questions for the tennis player. 
Drug therapy for cerebral ischemia is generally ineffective and less frequently used than for cardiac ischemia but those patients on whom meldonium was trialled had had either a recent stroke or evidence of deteriorating brain function.  As Sharapova could not possibly demonstrate that she has either of these or indeed significant cardiac or cerebral ischemia, and if she could, alternative permitted drugs are at least as effective if not more so, she fails criterion 3. 
Hence Sharapova fails 3/3 and the fourth criterion has no relevance.

 Finally, should an unscrupulous or ignorant TUE Committee happen to grant Sharapova a retroactive or even a prospective TUE for meldonium, WADA would be certain to appeal to CAS and the decision would be or should be overturned.

NCAA DI All American List

NCAA DII All American List

NCAA DIII All American List

NCAA Top 10 Weekly Performances

MSU Mankato's Myles Hunter first (7.53) and sixth(7.67) in the 60 hurdles.
Winona State's Kaitlyn Long first (22.70m/74'5.75") and fifth (71'1.25") in the weight throw.
MSU Moorhead's Brady Speicher second in the mile in 4:05.18.
NDSU's Erin Teschuk fourth in the 3K(9:08.45) and eighth in the Mile(4:37.47).
Gophers' Luca Wieland fifth in the heptathlon with 5919 points.
Michigan DMR with Mason Ferlic on anchor eighth 9:37.45.
UMD's Emi Trost ninth in the Mile in 4:37.57.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Jamie Cheever Wins Seattle St. Patrick's Day Dash 5K Women's Race

Top Five Finishers(Male and Female) HERE.

Updated: USATF Minnesota Indoor Championships Results

USATF Minnesota Indoor Championships complete results HERE.

Ruby Stauber Second at New Balance Nationals

Wayzata's Ruby Stauber finished second in the 800 meter championship race in 2:05.56.
Results are HERE.
Video HERE.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

USATF Indoor Championships Day 2 Results

Results are HERE.
Women's 1500 results HERE

Women's Pole Vault results HERE.
Men's 800m results HERE.
Men's 1500 results HERE.
Ben Blankenship 3rd. Garrett Heath 4th. Travis Burkstrand 10th
Women's 800 results HERE.
Laura Roesler 2nd

NCAA DIII Indoor Championship Day 2 Results

Results are HERE. Heptathlon results HERE.
MIAC recap is HERE.
St. Scholastica summary is HERE.
3K results with splits HERE.
Men's mile results HERE. Women's HERE.
 Women's high jump results HERE.

NCAA DI Indoor Championship Day 2 Results

Results are HERE. Heptathlon results are HERE.

Gopher men's summary is HERE. Photo gallery HERE.
 800m results are HERE.
Shot put results are HERE.

NDSU's Erin Teschuk doubled, taking 4th in the 3K and 6th in the mile.
Women's mile results HERE.
Women's 3K results HERE.

NCAA DII Indoor Championships Results

NCAA DII Women's Results HERE. Men HERE. Heptathlon results HERE.

MSU Mankato men's summary HERE.  Women HERE.
U-Mary women's summary is HERE.
MSU Moorhead summary is HERE. Day 1 summary is HERE.
St. Cloud State summary is HERE. Day 1 summary is HERE.
UMD summary is HERE. Day 1 summary HERE.

Biya Simbassa Fifth in USATF 15K Championships: Finan 10th

Top ten results HERE.  Eric Finan in 10th.

Friday, March 11, 2016

NCAA DI Day 1 Indoor Championships Results

Luca Wieland in 3rd after Day 1 of the Heptathlon. Results HERE.

More evidence that track, especially indoor track is a contact sport HERE
Gopher summary is HERE.
Photo gallery HERE.

NCAA DIII Day 1 Championships Results

Live results are HERE. Josh Thorson won the men's 5k in 14:16.46. St. Thomas women won the DMR in 11:47.04. 5K women's results with splits is HERE.

St. Thomas summary is HERE.
St. Thomas DMR. Photo courtesy of St. Thomas
St. Scholastica summary is HERE.

NCAA DII Championships Day 1 Results

NCAA DII Championships Day 1 Results for men HERE.  Women HERE

Pentathlon results HERE.  Heptathlon Day 1 results HERE.

MSU Mankato women's summary HERE. Men HERE.
U-Mary women's summary HERE.
Winona State summary is HERE.

Winona State's Kaitlyn Long defended her Weight Throw title with a record-setting toss of 22.70m/74'5.75".  Teammate Megan Seidl was 17th with a throw of 16.31m/53'6.25". Sprinter Abbey Ristow was 16th in the 400 prelims in 55.41 and 15th in the 200 on 24.94.
UMD's Emi Trost had double duty finishing third in mile qualifying in 4:52.24. Her next mile was the anchor leg of the Distance Medley relay where her 4:37 anchor leg took the team from 7th to 2nd at the finish.  Teammate Hannah Olson also qualified for the women's mile final in 9th in qualifying with a time of 4:54.62.  UMD's DMR time was 11:26.86.
MSU Moorhead's Molly Montonye was 11th in the mile qualifying in 4:56.35.  In the men's mile qualifying her teammate Brady Speicher was 2nd in 4:05.18.  Their teammate Brian Huber finished 6th in the long jump with a leap of 7.47m/24'6.25".

USATF Indoor Champs Day 1 Results

Live Results HERE.
Amanda Smock 8th in TJ. Results HERE.
Zack Siegmeier 7th in Pole Vault. Results HERE.
Sean Donnelly 3rd in the Weight Throw. Results HERE.
Garrett Heath 5th, Hassan Mead 6th in 3K. Results HERE.

Harun Abda second in Men's 800 prelims. Results HERE.
Laura Roesler first in women's 800 prelims. Results HERE.

The Importance of Staying Healthy

The importance of staying healthy HERE

Thursday, March 10, 2016

USATF Indoor Championships Start Lists

USATF Indoor Championships Start Lists HERE

Travis Burkstrand 800m
Harun Abda 800m
Ben Blankenship 1500
Garrett Heath 1500/3K
Hassan Mead 3K
Zack Siegmeier PV
Sean Donnley Weight Throw

Laura Roesler 800m
Heather Kampf 1500
Leslie Brost PV
Amanda Smock TJ

USATF Youth Indoor Championships

USATF Youth Indoor Championships schedules and live results links HERE.

Gopher NCAA Men's Preview

MIAC Women's Award Recipients

MIAC Men's Award Recipients

Rear Foot Striking(Heel First) Favored in Study on Running Mechanics

Rear Foot Striking(Heel First) Favored in Study on Optimal Footfall Mechanics HERE

IAAF Athletes Commission Supports Paula Radcliffe's Petition for Return of Ill Gotten Prize Money from Banned Athletes

IAAF Athletes' Commission Vice Chairperson, Paula Radcliffe are seeking IAAF Council approval of a petition that would require Russia to repay the prize money, appearance fees--all ill gotten gains from athletes convicted of doping.  That includes "whistleblowers," such as Lilia Shobukova HERE and HERE.

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Entry List for New Balance Nationals: Ruby Stauber in 800

Entry List for New Balance Indoor Nationals HERE.

Wayzata's Ruby Stauber running in the 3rd Section of the Girl's Championship race on Sunday at 2:49 PM Eastern Time.

NCAA DIII Indoor Track Champs Start List

NCAA DI Start Lists

NCAA DIII Regional Awards

Tuesday, March 08, 2016