Thursday, July 20, 2017

Heather Miller-Koch Answers the Question: Who Would Team USA Athletes Give An Olympic Medal To If Given The Chance?

If I could give a medal away to anyone I would give one to my coach/training partner/husband all-in-one! Ryan and I started the journey to become an Olympian many years ago. At the time many would have laughed in our faces if we told them this lofty goal. He put in countless hours of learning the events, training theories, diet, and strength training to be better equipped to coach me. He dedicated just as much — if not more — time and effort into this goal than me, and I am the one who can forever call myself an Olympian.

He deserves more than a medal! He helped push me to raise the bar in all aspects of life, not just track and field. If it weren't for Ryan, I wouldn't be the person I am today, the athlete I am or be able to call myself an Olympian. I love you, Ryan!
Heather Miller-Koch

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