Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Team Circuit Standings and More Photos

Preliminary results from the first race of the 2008 USATF Minnesota Team Circuit have been posted at Circuit standings are available here, men's team results here and women's team results here.

Photo galleries by Craig Yotter and Gene Niemi have also been posted.

Photo by Gene Niemi


Gregg said...

Great Photos Craig and Gene!
Pete, how would I post a group of pictures like these guys did. I haven't used any programs to allow me to do that. Just curious for future events. Just fire me an email when you can.

miller said...

Gregg -

We're offering that opportunity to anyone who wants to share their photos - it's one of the new features at that we're most excited about.

Just send the photos to me at:
petemiller3000 (at) comcast (dot) net

I'll follow up with an e-mail. Thanks for your interest.