Friday, August 24, 2012

Yes/No: Will Garrett Heath break 8:30 in 2 Mile?

Garrett Heath has had a fruitful 2012, as evidenced by his list of personal bests: indoor mile, indoor 3k, and outdoor 1500, mile, 3k and 5k.  Heath may not have made it out of the semi-finals in the Olympic Trials, but he continued his season in Europe with great success.

Garrett Heath will run the 2 mile in the Aviva Birmingham Grand Prix on Sunday.  The headliner in this race (and of the entire meet, considering his spectacular victories at the Olympics) is England's own Mo Farah.  There will be three Americans chasing Farah:  Bobby Curtis, David Torrence and Heath.

Let us know how fast Garrett Heath will run this week...

Yes/No: Will Garrett Heath run faster than 8:30:00 in the 2 Mile at Aviva Birmingham on Sunday?

The entry list for the Aviva Birmingham 2 mile is HERE.  Garrett Heath's IAAF biography is HERE.  Heath ran 7:45 for 3000 meters indoors this year, which would convert to approximately 8:23 for a 2 mile.

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My Answer:  No

The Yes/No question last week was:  Will four or more athletes run faster than 20:00 minutes at the Buttered Corn Days 5k on Saturday?  The answer was  no - three runners finished under twenty minutes.  Five players answered correctly last week.  Mike Mason was joined by Gloria Jansen in first place with twenty-two points.  These two are followed closely by Ryan Aylesworth with twenty-one and Jim Glazer, Evan Roberts and Heather Jelen with twenty points.

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Unknown said...

His pr is 7:45 for 3k from this indoor season, worth close to 8:18 for 2 miles.
Definite yes