Friday, August 10, 2012

Yes/No: Men versus women at MDRA 15k

The USATF Minnesota Team Circuit will continue this weekend with the MDRA 15k, held in Edina on Sunday.  So far, the circuit has consisted of a mile, a pair of 5ks, an 8k and a 10k.  Now the longer-race portion of the circuit begins with a 15k this weekend, a 25k in September and a 10 Mile conclusion in October.

The 2011 version of the MDRA 15k saw the men's and women's winner both set State Records for their age.  Dan Greeno won the men's race in 46:55 and Kim Robinson took the women's title clocking 54:47.

This week, we will pit the men versus the women.  Here's the question...

Yes/No: Will more women run faster than 60:00 than men under 50:00 at the MDRA 15k on Sunday?

In case the question is unclear, here are some examples:  If 3 women run under 60 minutes and 4 men run under 50 minutes, the correct answer is no.  If 5 women run under 60 and 3 men run under 50, the correct answer is yes.  If 4 women run under 60 minutes and 4 men run under 50 minutes the answer is no.

Here is a recent history of the top runners in the MDRA 15k:
In 2011, 6 women ran sub-60 minutes while 5 men ran sub-50.  In 2010 there were 3 women under our threshold and 4 men.  In 2009, the results showed 6 women under 60 minutes and 4 men under 50 minutes.  2 women ran sub-60 minutes in 2008 while 3 men finished under 50 minutes.

Result of previous years can be found HERE.

To play our game, simply type "yes" or "no" into the subject line of an e-mail and send it to us at DtBFantasy [AT] gmail [DOT] com before 7:30 A.M. CDT, Sunday, August 12th.  Please put your answers in the subject line of the e-mail and make sure your full name appears somewhere in the e-mail.

My Answer:  Yes

The Yes/No question last week was:  Will Kara Goucher finish in the top 12 in the Olympics Marathon on Sunday?   The answer was  yes - Goucher finished eleventh.  Twenty-eight players answered correctly last week.  Mike Mason maintained his lead and now has twenty-one points.  Ryan Aylesworth and Gloria Jansen are right behind with twenty points and then there are three players with nineteen points.

For all the results, please visit DtB Fantasy Corner, HERE.

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Doug said...

Six women broke sixty minutes while three men broke fifty minutes. The correct answer is yes.