Sunday, October 05, 2014

Mbarak Hussein and Sheri Piers Defend Medtronic US Masters Championships; Spyros Barres Runs under 2:40

The ageless ones, Mbarak Hussein and Sheri Piers, defended their US and Medtronic TCM titles on Sunday.  Hussein ran 2:22:26 and Piers 2:42:46.  Finishing eighth among the Masters, first 50-year-old, Spyros Barres achieved his goal of breaking 2:40, in 2:38:48.

For Hussein there is a second race.  After he finished running, he was informed that his wife might be going into labor with the couple's first child, so the TCM travel staff and Hussein huddled over a computer in the media tent trying to find a flight to get him home in time for the birth. Hussein was confident he'd make it home on time, as the baby's due date was not for another nine days. But it appears that the baby may have other ideas about when to enter the world.

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