Monday, October 06, 2014

Local Finishers at TCM: Gene Niemi Photo Album

Lisa Schenk, who finished in 4:00:12 and her cheerleader. Photo by
Gene Niemi

TCTC's Liz Herndon, who finished sixth in the women's race in 2:39:18
trailed by Jeanette Faber(100), who won the 2012 TCM women's race.
Heather Cappello(111) finished 13th in 2:43:07. Photo by Gene

Erik Hanson who finished 26th in the men's race in 2:28:05.
Photo by Gene Niemi

Andrea Rediger(120), just past halfway, placed 15th in 2:49:45.
She's being targeted by Claudia Becque(115) who was fifth in 2:39:12.
Photo by Gene Niemi

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