Friday, April 13, 2012

Yes/No: Auto-Qualifier for Guider in River Falls?

The Winona State women's throws group has established itself in the top echelon at the Division II collegiate level. In recent years, Mary Theisen, Rebecca Stier and many others have earned All-American status and even NCAA titles.

The current crop of Winona State throwers looks as good as ever, featuring standouts like Michelle Potter, Jenny Schuler, and Shanai Guider. Within D2, all three of these athletes are currently ranked in the top three in an event.

This week we will check out the discus at the Falcon Invitational hosted by UW River Falls with this question ...

Yes/No: Will Shanai Guider throw 160-3 (NCAA D2 Auto mark) or farther at the Falcon Invitational on Saturday?

Shanai Guider is currently ranked second in Divsion II in the discus with a throw of 163-1. She has already achieved automatic qualifier status in the discus in 2012. Guider threw as far as 161-5 in 2010 and 158 feet even in 2011.

Guider is ranked first in the Falcon Invitational heat sheets. But she will be challenged by provisional national qualifier Elisa Moenkedick as well as Alissa Rausch and Caitlyn Zepzczyk. All of these women are throwers at Winona State.

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My answer: Yes

Last week's question was: Will three or more Minnesotans break 3:45.00 in the 1500-meters at Stanford on Friday night? The answer was no. Garrett Heath and Justin Tyner were comfortably under 3:45, but no other local runner was able to finish under that threshold. Twenty-two people answered correctly this week and there are currently three people tied for first place: Heather Jelen, Jim Glazer and Ryan Aylesworth.

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Jim from MN said...

Will Shanai Guider throw 160-3 (NCAA D2 Auto mark) or farther at the Falcon Invitational on Saturday?

YES. She won and threw 164-04