Friday, September 30, 2011

Yes/No: Will a Male Runner Win the "Equalizer?"

The Medtronic TC 10 Mile will host the USA 10 Mile Championships this Sunday. Men and women will compete for national championships, but, in a unique twist, the men will also race against the women for a $10,000 "Equalizer Bonus" that goes to the first USA Champion -- male or female -- to cross the finish line in St. Paul.

The elite women will be given a head-start of exactly seven minutes. This means defending TC 10 Mile and USA champion Katie McGregor and the elite women will start seven minutes prior to course record-holder Abdi Abdirahman and the rest of the men setting off in chase.

Give us your prediction in the 2011 version of the Battle of the Sexes...

Yes/No: Will a male runner win the “Equalizer Bonus” at the 2011 USA 10 Mile Championships?

The roll call of top contenders for the men's title has to start with the course record holder - Abdirahman. He has won two Medtronic TC 10 Mile races and has four USA 10 mile titles to his name. Mohammed Trafeh has risen to the top of the list of U.S. road racers this year by virtue of his USA Half Marathon crown and USA 15k championship. Ben True also has two USA road racing victories to his name this year - 5k and 10k. Team USA Minnesota runners Josh Moen and Matt Gabrielson will be running as well. Moen waged a stirring battle with Abdirahman in 2009 with both running sub-47 minutes.

Not many runners in the United States -- male or female -- have credentials like Abdi Abdirahman, but Katie McGregor is certainly in the same ballpark. She has won the Medtronic TC 10 Mile six times. In fact, there was only one year in which she raced and did not cross the finish line first (2008 - Kara Goucher). McGregor is a seven-time USA champion in events from 10K to 25K.

Other top women in the race include Olympian Blake Russell, Janet Cherobon-Bawcom, the USA 20K champion, Serena Burla (runner-up in the 2011 USA Half-Marathon), and 2:29 marathoner Stephanie Rothstein. Team USA-MN stars Emily Brown and Meghan Peyton will be in the mix as well.

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My answer: Yes

Last week's contest was the Pick 10 - Griak Invitational. Chris Lundberg squeaked out a victory over Jake Marotz, 48 - 47 (This battle surely ignited the decades-old debate in Northfield over which college is better). The win shot Lundberg up the overall standings where he now sits in second place. 143 points keep Bryan Tolcser in the lead with a comfortable ten-point cushion.

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Jim from MN said...

Looks like a YES this week (10-2-11):

Trafeh - 46:46, v. Cherobon-Bawcom - 54:15