Friday, September 16, 2011

Yes/No: Who Will Win the St. Olaf Invitational?

The air is crisp and that can only mean one thing - cross country season is upon us. One of the first big collegiate cross meets in the area, the 41st annual St. Olaf Invitational, will take place this weekend. Many of the local NCAA Division II and III schools will appear, including the nationally ranked University of Minnesota-Duluth women (#10), St. Olaf women (#16) and Carleton women (#24).

Does the home team have an advantage? Tell us what you think with this question...

Yes/No: Will St. Olaf women win the team title at their home invitational on Saturday?

In the 2010 edition of the St. Olaf invitational, UMD women won handily, scoring a mere 27 points. St. Olaf was second (48) and Gustavus third (85). So far in 2011, St. Olaf and UMD are undefeated. They both won their first race - St. Olaf at Grinnell and UMD at the Northland Invitational. Carleton started off well also - they finished fourth in a Division I meet in Wyoming.

The individual battle will be intense as well as ten-time All-American Simone Childs-Walker (Carleton) squares off against the nearly indomitable eight-time All-American Morgan Place (UMD). Emma Lee from St. Olaf will certainly be in the mix as well.

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My answer: Yes

Last week's question was:
Will the winning times be sub-4:35 for women AND sub-4:00 for men at the Minnesota Mile on Sunday? The correct answer was no. Races were slowed due to a headwind and hot weather this year. Craig Miller won in 4:03 for the men while Brenda Martinez took first in 4:44 for the women.

Mike Henderson is in first place as he accumulated his twenty-second point this year. Three players are one point behind. Twenty-four players answered correctly this week.

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Doug said...

St. Olaf won with 46 points. The answer was yes this week.