Friday, September 09, 2011

Yes/No: Sub 4:00 & 4:35 at Minnesota Mile?

Duluth has justifiably earned a name for itself in the running community, thanks to Grandma's Marathon weekend in June of every year. The fantastic field running the Minnesota Mile this weekend further solidifies Duluth's reputation as a running mecca.

A few prolific Team USA Minnesota runners will join other elite Minnesotans and even some top national middle distance runner for this edition of Grandma's Minnesota Mile

Let us know how fast you think they will run by answering this question...

Yes/No: Will the winning times be sub-4:35 for women AND sub-4:00 for men at the Minnesota Mile on Sunday?

The winning men's time was under 4:00 in both 2009 and 2010. In fact, there were four runners under 4 minutes last year. On the women's side, no one has ever run sub-4:35. The course record is Carmen Duoma Hussar's 4:35.60 from 2010.

The men's start list looks especially tough with seven runners sporting seed times below 4 minutes. The winner and course record holder Aron Rono returns to defend his title. He ran 3:58.18 last year.

The women's race will feature Team USA Minnesota stars Heather Kampf and Gabriele Anderson . The two finished third and fourth respectively last year. One runner that beat them last year - second place finisher Amy Mortimer - will return to the Minnesota Mile in 2011 as well.

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My answer: Yes

Last week's question was:
Will at least three of the four Team USA Minnesota runners (Andrew Carlson, Jason Lehmkuhle, Katie McGregor, and Meghan Peyton) finish in the top five in their respective USA 20K Championship races? The correct answer was no. Lehmkuhle led the charge with a second place finish followed by McGregor as the third woman. Carlson finished sixth for the men and Peyton was seventh on the women's side. Peyton missed the top five by nine seconds while Carlson was only nineteen seconds off fifth.

Mike Henderson answered correctly to move into a tie for first with Patrick Eastman at twenty-one points. Twenty-two players answered correctly this week.

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Doug said...

Tough running today due to a headwind and hot weather. The answer was no. Craig Miller won the men's race in 4:03 while Brenda Martinez took first in 4:44 for the women.