Friday, February 12, 2010

Yes/No: How Many World Cross Qualifiers?

As always, Team USA Minnesota will figure prominently in the qualification process for the IAAF World Cross Country Championships. In the USA Cross Country Championship on Saturday, the top six senior athletes for both men and women will qualify for World Cross in Poland on March 28th. Team USA MN will send six athletes to Spokane with designs on grabbing as many spots on the U.S. team as possible.

Let us know how you think the Minnesota athletes will fare on Saturday with this question:

Y/N: Will three or more Team USA Minnesota athletes (men and women) finish in the top six in their respective races?

For the women, Katie McGregor has qualified for six world cross country teams. Emily Brown is the defending XC champion and finished 3rd in 2008. Meghan Armstrong finished 12th in the 2009 edition of the USATF XC meet.

On the men's side, Matt Gabrielson has qualified for three world cross country teams. Antonio Vega recently won the USA half marathon championships with teammate Patrick Smyth 2nd.

USATF previews the XC meet HERE.

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My answer: No

The question last week was: "Will William Leer beat Garrett Heath in the mile at the Reebok Boston Indoor Games on Saturday?" The correct answer was yes - Lear finished second in a P.R. 3:55.66. Heath also ran well - 5th place in 3:57.34. Thirty contestants answered correctly and there are now only two with perfect scores. Jesse Schoen and Gloria Jansen are in first place with four points. Hot on their heels are eleven contestants with three points.

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Doug said...

The correct answer is no. Despite jamming 6 runners in the top 13 of the Mens and Womens XC races, only Patrick Smyth punched his ticket to Worlds with a top 6 finish.