Friday, February 05, 2010

Short-Cut: Results' Links for February 5-6

Below, find links to the results of all of the weekend's action ...

Meyo Invitational: Results
Update: Gopher DMR wins in provo-qualifying 11:15.70 ... Story

Watch the Gopher Women Race

Meyo Invitational: Results
Update: Gophers' Swenson clocks provo-qualifying 2:07.50 800m ... Story

Ted Nelson Classic: Men's Results * Women's Results
Men's Update: Mankato's Mokaya miles 4:06.61, Novak vaults 15-11 1/4
Women's Update: Rains vaults 13-11 1/4, Bemidji's Kristi Buerkle doubles 25.44/56.42

Bethel Invitational: Men's Results * Women's Results
Men's Update: Gophers' Peterson vaults 17-2 3/4, Studt puts shot 60-11 1/2
Women's Update: Bethel's Borner clocks 2:56.43 1000m

Border Battle: Results
Update: Hamline's Derall King puts shot 54-0

Wartburg Elite: Results
Update: Tommies' Russ wins in provo-qualifying 4:58.76, Ekpo 2nd with provo 6-7 1/2 HJ

Reebok Boston Indoor Games: Results
Update: Leer 2nd in PR 3:55.66, Garrett Heath 5th in 3:57.34

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