Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Products of A Curious Mind

One of the benefits of running is the people you meet.  One of them who has been particularly interesting over the years, not so much for his running, but rather for his "day job,"--is Bernd Heinrich  Heinrich is an emeritus professor of biology and has written extensively on nature and even one book on running.

Heinrich was a top ultra runner in his prime.  I met him at one of the AMJA ultra championships Dr. Noel Nequin used to organize in Chicago many years ago. In 1980 at one of those races, Minnesotan Barney Klecker set the world record.

Heinrich has used the discipline and dedication that made him a successful ultra runner to good use as an observer of nature.The topics he has tackled don't get a lot of attention, but he has had an interesting life, and made a great contribution to his chosen field.  You can read about his latest project HERE.

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