Saturday, January 12, 2013

USA 100K Trail Running Champs

from Roy Pirrung 
Sage Canaday won his first ultra championship, to go along with last year's Mountain Running title, at the USA 100K Trail National  Championships in Texas on Saturday.  Canaday was timed in 8:13:49 on a tough, hilly, and rocky trail topped off with mud. Finishing second in 8:53:27 was first-place Masters finisher, Dave Mackey,  who held the course record until Canaday boke it by two minutes, 59 seconds. Paul Terranova, who completed the Grand Slam and an Ironman last year, placed third in 8:55:41. 

In the woman's race Michele Yates, took the lead from the start, winning her second trail title in less than two years after a win at last year's 50-mile at Nueces. Yates' time was 10:08:48. Melanie Fryar took second in 10:17:30, Sabrina Little, known for her fine 24-hour performance in 2012, took third in 11:00:03. Liza Howard finished fourth.

‎50K splits
Male: Canaday 3:51:45, Mackey 4:00, Terranova & Stanley two seconds apart at 4:13:57, & Lundstrom at 4:17:31: 
Female: Yates 4:43:24, Fryar 4:52:17 & Howard 4:54:56. Several top runners have dropped out. Trail conditions continue to deteriorate with high humidity. 

Full results are HERE. Note that Chris Lundstrom finished 50K faster than the winner of that event, but was entered in the 100K.

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