Saturday, June 30, 2012

Yes/No: Olympic Trials Question #4

The Olympic Track and Field Trials will conclude tomorrow with a handful of finals on the track including the 1500 meters for men and women.

The fourth -- and final -- Yes/No question of the Olympic Trials is...

Yes/No: Will Gabriele Anderson or Will Leer finish in the top four in their respective races on Sunday?

Both Anderson and Leer qualified comfortably out of the semi-finals.  Leer won his heat while Anderson finished second.

Leer has run the seventh fastest time during the Olympic Trials qualifying period among the twelve runners in the final.  Among the twelve runners in the women's final, Anderson has the  fifth fastest time run during the same qualifying period.

The start list for the men's 1500-meters is HERE.  The results from the prelims are HERE and semis are HERE.

The Women's 1500 start list is HERE.  The prelims are HERE, the semi-final results are HERE.

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My answer: Yes

Our third Olympic Trials Yes/No question was: Will Elliot Heath or Hassan Mead finish in the top eight at the Olympic Trials 5000 Meter finals on Thursday? The answer was  yes - Heath was seventh and Mead eighth.  Twenty two players answered correctly this week.  Gloria Jansen is still in first place and has sixteen points, followed closely by Jim Glazer and Mike Mason with fifteen points.

For all the results, please visit DtB Fantasy Corner, HERE.


grun0146 said...

Make the prediction top 3. Gabriele has never not passed the downthebackstretch test!

Justin Grunewald

Doug said...

I like Justin's earlier comment, I wish we could have helped her finish one place higher. He is correct, Gabriele Anderson has always come through on the Yes side of Yes/No and this week was no different. She finished fourth in 4:07.