Friday, June 22, 2012

Yes/No: Olympic Trials Question #2

The Olympic Track and Field Trials continue in Eugene, Oregon after a wild first (full) day on Friday.  

See our second question of the trials below and stay tuned for more as you follow along with all the coverage on Down the Backstretch.

Some non-DtB sites to bookmark for the Trials:
Olympic Trials Home
Event entries/declared athletes

On to the contest. The second question of the Olympic Trials is...

Yes/No: Will Amanda Smock finish in the top three in the Triple Jump at the Olympic Trials on Monday?

Amanda Smock was the #1-ranked female triple jumper in the United States last year.  She dominated domestically in 2011 finishing with four of the top five American jumps and the USA title.  Due to her 46-6 1/4 jump last year, Smock has the "B" Olympic Standard and is the only athlete in the field with either the "A" or "B" standard.

In 2012, Amanda Smock has jumped 45-7 1/4 which places her second on the list of Americans for the year behind Erica McClain.

The start lists for the Women's Triple Jump are HERE and the "Triple Jump at a Glance" is HERE.

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My answer: Yes

Our first Olympic Trials Yes/No question was: Will Katie McGregor or Hassan Mead finish in the top eight in their respective races in the 10000 meters on Friday night? The answer was  no - Hassan Mead placed eleventh and Katie McGregor eighteenth.  Only eight players answered correctly this week.  Gloria Jansen takes over first place with a total of fourteen points.

For all the results, please visit DtB Fantasy Corner, HERE.

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Doug said...

Amanda Smock won the triple jump. The correct answer is yes