Friday, May 04, 2012

Yes/No: Heather Kampf Sub-2:04 in Brazil?

Heather Kampf ran a pair of races in neighboring Iowa last week.  In the next few days, she'll run a pair of races in more exotic Brazil.

At the Drake Relays, Kampf tackled a road mile and a track 1500.  She finished second in the Grand Blue Mile on April 24 in a tactical 4:45 before running 4:13.89 to finish third on the track in the 1500.  In Brazil she will turn to her specialty -- the 800-meters.  She runs in two separate cities in Brazil, racing the 800 on Sunday and again on May 9th.

Austism 5K

The meet in Belem, Brazil on Sunday promises world class athletes (although six out of seven of Kampf's competitors in the 800 are from Brazil) and hot weather.

Let us know how Heather Kampf will fare in Brazil...

Yes/No: Will Heather Kampf run faster than 2:04.00 at the meet in Brazil on Sunday?

Heather Kampf has won MSHSL state titles in high school, a NCAA title at the University of Minnesota, and has finished as high as third in USA Track and Field National Meets.  Kampf has a personal best of 2:00.41, achieved last year.

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My answer: Yes

In last week's Pick Ten contest, Bill Atkins finished in first with forty-one points, followed by Kyle Schmidt and Jesse Schoen with thirty-nine and thirty-eight respectively.  Atkins also leads the overall Pick Ten standings with eighty-eight points.

In the Yes/No contest, Jim Glazer and Ryan Aylesworth are tied for first with ten points.

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Doug said...

The answer is no - Heather Kampf ran 2:05.02