Friday, March 23, 2012

Yes/No: Fagbemi Over 50 Feet in Triple Jump?

The University of Minnesota track teams have a tradition of escaping the hard, cold winter that lingers through March by hopping a plane to competitions in refreshingly warm, tropical destinations.

OK, so it's relatively tropical in Minnesota right now. Hey, it's a tradition.

After a long indoor campaign many of the Gopher runners will be taking a break early in the outdoor season, but several others will compete at the Arizona State Invite on Saturday in sunny Tempe, Arizona. One athlete that will be on a busy schedule is jumper Oladipo Fagbemi, competing in both the long jump and triple jump on Saturday.

We will focus on Fagbemi's specialty - the triple jump - with this question...

Yes/No: Will Oladipo Fagbemi triple jump over 50 feet on Saturday at Arizona State?

Fagbemi competed in the triple jump four times during the indoor season. In two meets he jumped further than 50 feet and in two he jumped less than 50. His marks were 50-4, 50-0 1/2, 49-9 1/4, 49-3 3/4. Fagbemi has an all-time best of 51-2 3/4.

Fagbemi has finished as high as third in the triple jump at the Big Ten Championship Meet in his career. He was the 2010 Drake Relays champ in the same event. Fagbemi was also state champion in Wisconsin in both the long jump and triple jump while in high school.

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My answer: Yes

Last week's question was: Will Ralph Maxwell improve on any of his four individual-event marks from the 2011 USA Masters Indoor Track and Field Championships at the 2012 edition of the meet? The answer was yes - Maxwell flew a bit further in his 2012 triple jump. Twenty five people answered correctly this week and the top of the leaderboard did not change. Jim Glazer remains in first place and has eight points.

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Doug said...

The answer is no. Fagbemi long jumped 23-3 1/2, but he fouled in his two attempts in the triple jump.