Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rombough Talks About Snowshoe Mile, Big Tens

Gopher All American Chris Rombough won the mile at the Snowshoe Open on Friday in preparation for this weekend's Big Ten Championships in Madison. These are his thoughts on the race and the Championships: "The goal for the (Snowshoe)race was to post a top twelve time in the mile in the Big Ten rankings. I did not have a (top twelve)time for the 5K, and my 3K time ranks 15th in the Big Ten. To be able to run in the (fast heat of the)5K, I would have had to run a top 12 time in either the mile or the 3K, so that's why I had to run the mile.

"I was very pleased with my race. I probably wouldn't have been able to do it without my teammate Sean Olson. Originally we were going to have Matt Gabrieleson of Team USA Minnesota rabbit for me through 1200 meters, but he was sick. Sean was willing enough to rabbit for me through 1K, and he did a great job. He was right on with the pacing.

"At Big Tens I will be running two events, with the 3K and 5K, or the DMR(distance medley relay) and 5K. We'll have to decide between the 3K and DMR, but we are going to choose whichever event that we can maximize our points in. Individually, my goal is to get as many points for the team as I can, because the entire goal is to win the Big Ten Championship as a team, which I think is very possible."

Photo Courtesy of University of Minnesota

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