Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gopher Men Ready to Compte at Big Tens

University of Minnesota men's track coach Phil Lundin leads a young team into the Big Ten Indoor Championships in Madison, WI this weekend. The Gophers are one of five teams with a shot at the team title. Lundin answered a few questions from DtB about the challenge

DtB: What are the team's strengths?

We are young and talented. Our strength lies in the pole vault, heptathlon, and distance events along with All-American sprinter Ibrahim Kabia.

DtB: Who has a shot at individual titles?

PL: We have three to four guys who could win individual titles.

DtB: Do you do anything special to inspire the team for this meet or do you just let the status of the event take care of that?

PL: There is no need for motivational speeches or slogans.

DtB: Do you approach this like any other meet or does it have special significance?

PL: The Big Ten Championships are very special and represent the apex of competitive effort for most of our kids. I look forward to the competition.

DtB: The athletes have an physical outlet to deal with the stress of a big event. As a coach, how do you deal with it?

We do nothing special. I really have nothing to say about the stress of the championships. It is a reality and you deal with it. Younger kids need more support and assurance than people who have been there (generally). My answer would only be couched in clichés and truisms. We just go to compete hard.

Photo Courtesy of University of Minnesota

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