Sunday, October 07, 2007

USA 10 Mile: Abdirahman Wins; Lehmkuhle Runner-up: Browne Finishes Well Back

OFFICIAL results:

USA 10 Mile:
1. Abdi Abdirahman 47:34 ... course record
2. Jason Lehmkuhle 47:48
3. James Carney 48:03
4. Edwardo Torres 48:19
5. Matt Gonzales 48:43
6. Brett Gotcher 48:50
7. Mbarak Hussein 48:57
8. Ryan Sheehan 48:58
9. Jesus Solis 49:02
10. Josh Moen 49:13

18. Justin Grunewald ... 50:25
20. Chris Lundstrom ... 50:33
21. Dan Browne ... 50:52
31. Zach Schendel ... 51:34

Abdirahman clocked 4:34 up the Franklin Bridge climb to break away from eventual runner-up Jason Lehmkuhle and 2002 TCM champ Dan Brown. James Carney caught a suffering Browne after five miles to seal 3rd place.

Said Abdirahman of the conditions: "I didn't expect this to be this bad. It was horrible. It's one of those things, you can't control the weather. It's out of our hands. I was on good pace for five or six or seven miles but then it just got worse and worse."

Said Lehmkuhle: “I didn’t think there was any chance I’d be second in this field. I thought on a good day I could slip under 48 minutes, so I exceeded my expectations on both accounts. Obviously the weather’s not perfect today, so getting under 48 minutes on kind of a rough day and get second … it’s great.”

Medtronic TC 10 Mile Women (Official):
1. Kristen Nicolini Lehmkuhle 56:17
2. Turena Johnson Lane 59:16
3. Desiree Budd 1:00:12
4. Marie Sample 1:01:09
5. Kim Magee 1:03:37

Complete results can be found HERE.

I wrote a comprehensive story on the USA 10 Mile for the Running USA Wire that you can find HERE.

The Star-Tribune's TC-10 story is HERE.

The Pioneer Press' TC-10 story is HERE.

Follow-Up ... USATF names Abdirahman its Athlete of the Week.

Photo of Abdirahman courtesy of TCM and Paul Phillips, Competitive Image.


Robert said...

Was that Charlie on KFAN this morning?

Chad said...

Wow, Lehm and Browne were together at 5 miles and Lehm put 3 minutes on him.

Charlie said...

That was me!

An appearance on KFAN's Packer Preview, even. This Wisconsin-born guy can die and go to heaven now ... since I've already seen a Packer/Viking game in Lambeau too!