Thursday, October 10, 2013

Yes/No: Who will win the Battle Creek Challenge? Who is in this Picture?

Once again this year, USA Track and Field Minnesota is sponsoring a Cross Country Circuit. The competition will consist of four races, taking place in October and November.  Teams that are registered with USATF-Minnesota will earn points for each race, and scores will be compiled at the end of the year.

Kicking off the circuit is an 8k race at Battle Creek in St. Paul on Saturday.  The race is hosted by Collegeville Track Club and is billed as a "great tune up for off road races in the fall, including Living History Farms Race and USATF Club Nationals."  The race will be run on the cross country ski trails and prizes will be awarded to top individuals, teams, and age-group winners.  If you plan to race, sign up early—the registration is capped at 100 runners.

Regardless of whether you plan to race, you can answer this week's question about the Battle Creek Challenge 8k...

Yes/No: Will a runner from Collegeville Track Club take first place overall at the Battle Creek Challenge 8k on October 12th?

Collegeville traditionally has done well in the USATF-MN Cross Country Circuit.  But it is difficult to know who will show up for the first cross country race of the circuit, especially because so many area runners ran a hard race six days prior at the Twin Cities Marathon events.

After the Battle Creek Challenge, the next race on the Cross Country Circuit is Jack's Twillight Run on 10/26, followed by USATF-MN Cross Country Championships on 11/3.  The Circuit concludes with Rocky's Run on 11/10.

To play our game, simply type "yes" or "no" into the subject line of an e-mail and send it to us at DtBFantasy [AT] gmail [DOT] com before 9:00 A.M. CDT, Saturday, October 12th.  Please put your answers in the subject line of the e-mail and make sure your full name appears somewhere in the e-mail.  We will offer a bonus for participants making their 2013 debut in Yes/No - a correct answer will be worth two points for anyone who has not played yet this year.

My Answer:  Yes

We're thinking of trying a new type of quiz format.  Photo ID.  We'll publish a photo and ask you to identify things in the photo.  This week's selection will be "extra credit."  It's not a straight ID as much as it is something of a test of what you've read in the past few weeks on the site.  The athlete here is finishing a race in 1977.  The first part of the question is easy:  What race is this?  The second is who is the athlete finishing?  Some hints.  He ran for a St. Paul High School.  His son is currently running on a successful high school team in Minnesota.  So, who is this athlete?  What school did he compete for?  What race is he winning?

The question in last week's Yes/No Contest was: Will two or more current Minnesota residents finish in the top eight of the USA Marathon Championships (Men, Women, Masters Men and Masters Women)?  The answer was yes this week and fourteen players answered correctly this week.
Dimitri Drekonja joined Mary Varney and Lori Anne Schwiesow in first place with 21.

For all the results, please visit DtB Fantasy Corner, HERE.


Doug said...

The winner of the Battle Creek Challenge was Joe Moore from the TC Track Club which means the correct answer was no.

In the photo i.d. question, Jesse Schoen was the first person to give the correct answer. I won't reveal the answer yet in case anyone still wants to make a guess.

Doug said...

The answer to the photo i.d.:

Don Hurley
MN State Cross Country Meet