Monday, October 21, 2013

News Bits

Meghan Peyton blogs on her race at the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon HERE.

Minnesota Daily report on Wisconsin Adidas Invitational is HERE.(Note: according to "official" results from Wisconsin meet Gopher men finished 25th.  Confusion seems to be over Gopher Bob Nicolls, who was the second finisher for the team in 97th, while Andrew Larson was the third Minnesota finisher.  Both Nicolls and Larson had the same time of 24:21.  Appears there was a set of "official" results that are linked on the University of Minnesota SID site and the site put the Gophers in 29th without Nicolls in the event and has a list of finishers in the B race that does include Nicolls and other Gopher men HERE..  However, the current set of "official" meet results on the University of Wisconsin XC site have the Gophers in 25th HERE.  What the conflicting results do agree upon is that a second team of Gopher women won the B race at Wisconsin.  Results are HERE.)

Sun Sailor story on Lake Conference boy's race is HERE.

I guess you could call this: Keeping up with Thom Weddle.  Now in the 75-79 age group category, Weddle has been busy.  He won his age group in the First Avenue Mile in the Big Apple in 6:31 on September 29. He was second in his age group in the US Masters 5K road championship in Syracuse, NY on October 6 in 23:43.  Last weekend he was scheduled to run in the US Masters 5K Cross Country Championships in New Jersey.  We're still waiting for those results.Update:  Weddle won his age group in 25:03.  USATF summary article HERE. Full results are HERE.

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