Thursday, January 29, 2009

Grandma's Marathon Plugs Back In

The Duluth News-Tribune's Kevin Pates reports this morning that Grandma's Marathon will no longer ban headphone use during its signature events.

You can read his story HERE.

The Grandma's Marathon board of directors voted to lift the ban on Tuesday, Pates reports. Last December, USA Track and Field amended it rules on headphone use -- banning use only for athletes competing for USA Championship awards and prize money.

Also ... The official media release from Grandma's on the matter is HERE.


miller said...

I'm glad to hear that Grandma's has seen the light. Hopefully the Medtronic TCM will adjust their rules as well.

I've never worn headphones in a race, but it just didn't make sense to enforce that one USATF rule for all participants when other rules are overlooked.

Evon Spangler said...

My Vote: Racing Flats--no phone; Trainers--tune away.

In my opinion, the rule should state elites should refrain from racing and competing with headphones or similar aids, just like they leave their training shoes back at the hotel and instead strap on their racing flats. Race day for elites means business and focus. It's not appropriate to win a serious race wearing headphones. If the other 90% of the runners wear their trainers for races, then let them wear the gadgets. They deserve the extra help, the companionship of the music...and heck, more power to them for getting out there and achieving their goals.

If you wear race flats, it's time to be professional, focus on your race and leave your comforts at home.

dd said...

Good that this silliness ended. The whole thing was pretty ridiculous, and made both TCM and Grandma's look like a couple of angry old codgers.

I've also never worn headphones in a race, but I have no issues with anyone who does- "professional" or not. If some flat-wearing person (many of whom are not pro's by any stretch of the imagination- like me) wants to rock out while running; fine, doesn't really bother me in the least.

My biggest concerns about Grandma's each year are: 1) how hot will it be (move it earlier!!), and 2) how inflated will hotel prices be (really, 200+ for a best western, with a 2 night minimum??? Just because you can, doesn't mean it's right.)

Whether or not someone is wearing headphones has never made my list of things to worry about on race day...