Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Dateline Duluth: Goucher, Keenan, & Comp

Today we've gathered some recent news from our Duluth Bureau ...

Kara Goucher Day ... Tuesday, December 30 was Kara Goucher Day in Duluth. The hometowner made-good -- Olympian, World Champ medalist, TC 10 Mile Champ -- was awarded the honor by Duluth Mayor Don Ness during Goucher's first return to the city since competing in Beijing.

Find details (and a photo of the event) HERE, on Kevin Pates' Rink and Run blog at the Duluth News-Tribune.

Runner's World Daily also recently posted THIS interview with Goucher, done shortly after the NYC Marathon.

Grandma's Keenan "Running" ... Speaking of Duluth city government, Grandma's Marathon executive director Scott Keenan has put his name in the hat for a vacant Duluth City Council seat. Keenan, who has previously served on the council, answered THESE questions for the DNT yesterday.

Competition for Grandma's ... Pates also spoke with Keenan recently about the competition his race will be getting from two new, ambitious spring marathons in Minnesota. The Stillwater Marathon, scheduled for May 24 ,and the Minneapolis Marathon, set for May 31, seem poised to steal some participants from Grandma's.

Keenan appears nonplussed, however. He told Pates, "“As long as the sport keeps growing, there’s room for everyone.”

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