Friday, January 09, 2009

Grand Prix Opens Monday with Meet of Miles

The 2009 Minnesota Distance Running Association Grand Prix kicks off Monday, January 12 with the Meet of Miles at the University of Minnesota Fieldhouse. Racing begins at 6:15.

Proceeds from the event help support the University of Minnesota Track and Field teams. Event director Tim Zbikowski estimated that the Meet of Miles has raised $6000 to $8000 for the programs during its long history.

The mid-winter miling fixture -- race organizers are unsure how old the event actually is! -- is the first leg of MDRA's thirteen-race Grand Prix series that runs through November. The entry fee for the meet of miles is $5; registration for the year-long Grand Prix costs an additional $5.

"The Grand Prix is a fun way to compete against fellow runners every year," MDRA excutive director Heidi Keller Miler told DtB. "If you complete 10 of the 13 races you get a special prize just for the effort, 19 people managed that this year. If you complete all 13 races you get an even better prize -- we had 3 people manage that this year - John Naslund, Michael Vought, and Don Wright."

Kirk Walztoni and Eileen Moran won the 2008 Grand Prix, earning $100 gift certificates from Run N Fun for their efforts.

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