Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Catching Up With Jeremy Polson

As promised, we tracked down men's Runner-of-the-Year leader Jeremy Polson (at right in photo) to talk about his race at Grandma's marathon and his season so far ...

How disappointing was Grandma's for you? You were clearly fit and ready to go, but it was a really tough day for people.

I knew once that sun came out that it wasn't going to be a great day so that was disappointing. I knew I was ready to run fast based on my previous performances but the weather is something you cannot control. I am happy with how things have gone so far this year so it wasn't as disappointing as some people may think it was. It was a team race and I wanted to help my team members out. I am not the type to drop out.

How did the race play out for you?

I went out at 5:24 for the first mile and it felt okay but each mile down the road until around mile 8 I knew it was going to be difficult to maintain a pace to qualify. After mile 8 I started to make some decisions in my head. I either had to keep going and see what happened or back off and save my legs. I decided I was going to finish to help out the Run N Fun race team and that is what I did. I felt okay after the race and my legs recovered quickly.

Will you try to run another marathon soon?

I took three days off after Grandma's and I am planning on going to Chicago to take another shot at the standard. I am back to 90 miles this week and I plan to slowly bring it up to the 150 mile range and be ready to race October 7th.

What are you planning for the rest of 2007? You're leading the Runner-of-the-Year standings, is that something you'd like to win?

Like I said earlier I am not super disappointed about Grandma's because it is one race out of hundreds that I have done and I am certainly happy with how things have gone for me this year. I am leading the Runner of the Year standings and I have yet to run a 10K or a 25K. I plan on running the Hennepin Lake 10K and the City of the Lakes 25K. I ran both of those races in very hot weather the year I ran my first Chicago marathon and they were great fitness checks for me so I feel that they will be just as beneficial this time around.

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