Sunday, April 05, 2015

News; Erin Teschuk; Anna French; Connor Olson; Kaila Urick; Tyler Pennel/John Simons

Flotrack post Stanford 1500 win interview with NDSU's Erin Teschuk HERE.

Sun Sailor feature on Anna French is HERE.

Online HS sports magazine Sports Sprout interview with Connor Olson is HERE, pages 142 to 147.

Gopher SID feature on Kaila Urick HERE.

2014 TCM champ Tyler Pennel on training and the Raleigh Relays with photo of Pennel and Gopher grad John Simons, both running for ZAP Fitness,  on the homestretch in the 1500 HERE. Pennel finished third, Simons fourth.  Results are HERE.

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