Tuesday, April 28, 2015

MN USATF Champs and IAAF WC Qualifiers Listed

Still a long ways to go, but T&F News has compiled a list of the US athletes who have a qualifying mark for the US Championships and/or an  IAAF World Championship qualifier HERE.

Ben Blankenship, Gabe Grunewald, and Liz Podominick have hit the qualifying marks for the IAAF Championships.  Harun Abda(800), Garrett Heath(1500), Will Leer(1500), Mason Ferlic(steeple), Hassan Mead(5K), Emma Bates(10K), Meghan Peyton(10K), Amanda Smock(TJ), Jeff Herauf(heptathlon) have US qualifying marks.  Some of them would be IAAF qualifing marks, but they were set in 2014 before the IAAF beginning date for having those marks qualify for the 2015 championships.  Grunewald also has qualifying marks for the 800 and 1500 for the US Championships.

Blankenship, Grunewald, and Leer are members of the US team for the IAAF World Relays in the Bahamas this weekend.  Official start lists will be declared after the technical meeting on Friday, May 1.

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