Sunday, April 19, 2015

News: Kampf; Aldis Inde; Boston Bragging Rights; Fernando Cabada

BBTM interview with Heather Kampf HERE.

Recapping a school record.  Edina grad Aldis Inde breaks Williams College 5K mark HERE.

Amby Burfoot wrote an article for RW on Michigan runners' success at the Boston Marathon(HERE) that will probably get the stat folks busy trying to document that their state has a better record than Michigan.  From memory, Minnesota has a good case.  Fritz Carlson won Boston in 1913.  Steve Hoag and Dick Beardley were runners' up.  Garry Bjorklund, Bruce Mortenson, and Ron Daws both finished well.

So, who has the "bragging rights" for the elites at Boston?  Michigan?  Massachusetts?  Minnesota? Does the state have to have to start with M?

Fernando Cabada uses adversity as motivation, opportunity.
More HERE.

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