Friday, October 07, 2011

Yes/No: McGregor or Brown Top-5 at USA 10K?

There's no rest for the elite women this week as USA Championships are held on back-to-back weeks. Last weekend the women raced at the USA 10 Mile Championships held in the Twin Cities. Now the top runners will head to Boston to compete at the USA 10K Championships run in conjunction with the Tufts Health Plan race on Columbus Day - Monday, October 10th.

Many runners will run the double including Team USA Minnesota's Katie McGregor and Emily Brown. McGregor finished fourth and Brown was 14th at the stacked USA Championship at the Medtronic TC 10 Mile last Sunday.

We will focus on this local duo with the question of the week...

Yes/No: Will Katie McGregor or Emily Brown finish in the top 5 at the USA Women's 10K Championship?

Another familiar name in the USA 10K will be 10 mile champ Janet Cherebon-Bawcom. The favorites on paper appear to be Molly Huddle, Amy Yoder-Begley, and Lisa Koll. Huddle is the three-time defending champ.

Katie McGregor is no stranger to the Tufts Health Plan 10K for Women. She has won the race twice and finished second once. McGregor is also a seven-time USA Champion at various distances, 10k and up.

Emily Brown is running her first USA 10K Championship but has been a player on the national stage at different events. Brown has qualified for three World Cross Country meets and she was the USA Cross Country champion in 2008. She recently finished third at the USA 5k Championships in September.

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My answer: No

Last week's question was: Yes/No: Will a male runner win the “Equalizer Bonus” at the 2011 USA 10 Mile Championships? The correct answer was yes. Mo Trafeh raced past Janet Cherebon-Bawcom in the last mile of the race and won with a time of 46:46 Twenty-three players answered correctly this week and Mike Henderson maintained his two point lead.

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Doug said...

The answer is yes this week. Katie McGregor finished second in 33:16.