Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yes/No: Will Raabe and/or Akor defend their titles?

Grandma's Marathon can only hope to repeat the drama and excitement of the 33rd edition in 2009. In that race, Chris Raabe became not only the first American male to win since 1995, but also the first native Minnesotan to win since 1982. On the women's side, Mary Akor became only the second women to win three consecutive titles.

Both will return to defend their titles. Let us know how you think they will run and be sure to follow the races live on DtB.

Y/N: Will Mary Akor or Chris Raabe (or both) repeat as Grandma's Marathon champions on Saturday?

Down the Backstretch previewed the marathon on Tuesday and Thursday this week. Both Raabe and Akor do not have the fastest P.R.'s in the field but they do have the proven ability to put it all together on one day in Duluth. Or in Akor's case, on one day for three consecutive years.

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My answer: No

The fantasy contest question from last week was: Y/N: Will six or more All Time State Meet records be broken at the MSHSL meet on Friday and Saturday? Once again, a very close result. Five records were broken with many others narrowly missing. Yes/No readers mainly felt that the weather would prevent a large number of records at the State Meet. As usual, the knowledgeable DtB track fans were proven correct with 26 contestants answering no this week. No changes at the top of the leaderboard - Jesse Schoen and Gregg Robertson share the top spot with fourteen points.

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Doug said...

Christopher Raabe was 6th and Mary Akor 4th...the answer was no.