Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Want to Buy Marcelo Cruz a New Racing Chair?

Two groups are offering ways for interested parties to donate money for a new racing wheelchair for Interstate 35W bridge collapse victim Marcelo Ordaz-Cruz.

Cruz, the 6th place finisher in wheelchair competition at the 2005 Twin Cities Marathon, survived the bridge collapse two weeks ago by swerving his blue van into a concrete guardrail on a steeply tipped portion of the structure.

Charities Challenge, a health and exercise focused non-profit founded by Gary Westlund, has begun a drive to raise funds for a new racing chair for Cruz. Those interested in donating can click HERE for more information.

"My hope is that if we can hit this campaign really well that we may even be able to announce on September 1 that we've raised the necessary $5-6,000 to purchase his new racing chair and arrange to send him for a chair fitting to Atlanta where they're manufactured," Westlund said.

Cruz (pictured racing at TCM last year) apparently softened hearts of the folks at the KQRS Morning Show as well. KQ has also started a fund to raise money for a chair and van for Cruz.

Details of their drive are HERE.

Photo courtesy of Gary Westlund.

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