Friday, August 03, 2007

Race Report: Run for Oromia

The inaugural Run for Oromia 5K and 10K were held at Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis on Sunday, July 29. We apologize for the delay in posting, but accurate results were not available until days after the event.

Jason Lehmkuhle had a strong showing in the 10K, running 29:17 for third place. Mathew Chesang of Olathe, Kansas led the field in 29:07 while Wegayehu Tefera of Bronx, New York was second in 29:09. The event featured a large, 5-deep prize purse with Chesang picking up $5,000, Tefera collecting $2,500 and Lehmkuhle taking home $1,500.

An equal amount of prize money was available on the women's side, which saw Yimenashu Taye run 33:07 to beat fellow Bronx resident Aziza Aliyu by 12 seconds.

Lehmkuhle came back on 30 minutes of rest to challenge fellow Team USA Minnesota athlete Brad Lowery in the 5K. Lowery took the win and a $2,500 paycheck with his 14:31. Lehmkuhle was four seconds back and took home an additional $1,500.

The women's 5K also saw two local athletes in the money as Amy Lyons finished second in 16:36 and Emily Brown was third in 16:57. Yet another Bronx runner, Atalelech Ketema, won in 16:27.

Age group results have been posted on the event web site, but full results are still not available.

Update: Full results are now available for the 5K and the 10K. Thanks to Kirk for the tip.

Top: Jason Lehmkuhle goes with the leaders in the 10K. Bottom: Brad Lowery cruises to a four second victory in the 5K. Photos by Gene Niemi.

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