Thursday, August 23, 2007

Goucher in Osaka: Seafood Hamburgers with a Side of Donuts

If Tuesday was Shani Marks' "media day" -- we noted her feature on Rosen's Sports Sunday on the same day the Rachel Blount of the Star-Tribune wrote a column about her -- then today is, apparently, Kara Goucher day.

The Duluth native -- one of four Minnesotans competing in the IAAF World Track and Field Championships which open Saturday in Osaka, Japan -- is featured is THIS story by Duluth News-Tribune runner-and-writer Kevin Pates.

The Alberto Salazar-coached Goucher tells Pates and her hometown fans that she is looking to: “ ... race the most aggressive 10K that I have run yet, and I would love to finish in the top 10."

Additionally, there's a new post on Nike's "Goucher Blog." In it, Kara Goucher and her husband Adam talk about their arrival and first days in Japan for the championships. As the headline of this post suggests, Japanese interpretations of American cuisine often suffer in translation.

Kara Goucher and Team USA Minnesota's Katie McGregor compete in the 10,000 meter final on Satuday night in Japan ... or early Saturday morning U.S. Central time.

Minnesota State -Mankato graduate Jim Dilling competes in high jump qualifying on August 27.

Shani Marks competes in triple jump qualifying on August 29.

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Mercanator said...

Charlie--Speaking of Katie McGregor, we ran into her Thursday night at the Outback Steakhouse!