Monday, March 13, 2017

Two Masters Legends Trained in Graveyards

The Wall Street Journal obit on Masters' Marathon legend Ed Whitlock (HERE)  and Athletics Illustrated's (HERE) note that Whitlock often trained in graveyards.  Not uncommon on Masters distance runners.  Anoka's Bill Andberg was nicknamed the Grey Ghost because of the use of similar training grounds.  Andberg bio is HERE.

Whitlock trained in the graveyard because of its proximity of his house.  Andberg did it to avoid harrasing by those who wondered why an "old man" was out running,  and to "get away from dogs."

Another Masters legend, Dr. Alex Ratelle trained at night, after dark, because he didn't want his Edina neighbors seeing him running around the neighborhood in his running gear.

How things have changed.

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