Wednesday, March 15, 2017

TCM 1988 Women's champion cleared of doping charges 29 years too late

Twin Cities Marathon 1988 Women's champion Ria Van Landeghem has been cleared of doping charges from almost 29 years ago HERE and HERE

Prior to the 1988 TCM Van Landeghem was told she had failed a drug test done in the Olympic lab in Seoul at the request of the Belgian Olympic Committee.  She was sent home and missed her chance to run in the Games.  She protested her innocence and was allowed by TCM organizers to run the marathon here.  She won in 2:28:11, a new course record for women.  Her record lasted until 1996 when Olga Appel set a new record of 2:27:59.

She never gave up on "clearing her name" of the doping charges however.  Nearly 29 years later the BOIC agreed with her and issued a press release absolving her.

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