Saturday, February 28, 2015

Big Ten: Lihrman NCAA Record; Ferlic Wins 5K: USATF Live Results; Blankenship second, Garrett Heath fourth in 2-Mile

USATF Indoor Championship live results are HERE. Ben Blankenship second, Garrett Heath fourth in men's two-mile. As always a tactical race that heated up in the last half with the distance guys, XC champ Chris Derrick and steeplechase champ Evan Jaeger trying to stretch out the run for the finish while eventual winner Ryan Hill, Blankenship, and Heath trying to get in position to launch a kick.  In the end Hill had the most tactical skill and speed left to take the win in 8:26.72, Blankenship in 8:27.31, Jager 8:37.44, and Heath 8:27.99.  Derrick finished fifth in 8:32.51.

German Fernandez took the early pace as the entire field was strung out in a straight line behind them.  Blankenship followed in second, Heath in fourth.  Derrick and Jager took over with around 3/4 to go and began to wind up the pace.  There was a lot of jostling for position going into the last quarter before Hill took over to grab the win.

Unfortunately, on the NBCSN broadcast the video cut away in mid race for what seemed like an eternity, eliminating coverage of the middle of the race.  The belief that distance races are too long and boring for the viewing public still prevails in network TV, even on the Internet.  When what the broadcast really needs is intelligent announcing that injects the drama and tension, even in pedestrian, tactical races. All events have drama and a story line.  It just needs to be presented well.  They haven't figured out how to do that yet, and do not seem to want to make the effort.

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