Sunday, March 23, 2014

Erichsen, Paulsen Win Men's and Women's Races at Irish Run 8K

The Twin Cities Track Club swept the individual titles on a cold, windy day for the Irish Run 8K in St. Paul on Sunday.  Chris Erichsen ran 24:18, Lauren Paulsen 28:00.  Temperatures hovered around 20 F with a brisk West wind hitting the runners as they came back on the out-and-back route along Summit Avenue.

Team USA Minnesota's Jonathan Peterson won the 5K in 15:11.  Nicole Klein won the women's title in 23:02.  Full results for both races can be found HERE.

Perhaps the best news was that, in all likelihood, this will not be the last Irish Run.  Race director Chris Fuller said he'll be relinquishing that role as he no longer has the time to allot to such an effort, but the race is not "going away."  Fuller said he wants to see races designed to give an opportunity for top level competition, such as the Irish Run 8K has been for decades, thrive.  He's committed to seeing that that legacy is continued.

Whether that means partnering with others to accomplish that or some other form of race administrative structure, Fuller is optimistic that the event will still be a big part of the Twin Cities racing scene in the future.  He said there was big support this year from the teams, from USATF Minnesota and MDRA, which both have the event on their road running circuits.

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