Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Yes/No: Will the True Team champions repeat in 2013?

The Minnesota High School True Team Track and Field Championships will be held on Friday and Saturday this week.  The event has a relatively unique goal;  to crown the very best teams in the state, and not just the team with a few outstanding individuals.  The top teams have talent spread throughout the many Track and Field events and True Team rewards this depth.

There are three classes in True Team Competition, AAA, AA and A, based on a school's enrollment.  The State Meet is contested by the 8 Section winners and 1 Wild Card.  In True Team meets, each team is allowed two entries in an individual event for AA and A and three entries per event in AAA.  Relay races have one entry per team.

Five of the team champions will return to defend their crown in 2013.  Let us know how many repeat champions will celebrate this weekend...

Yes/No: Will two or more team champions from 2012 win again in 2013?

The team champions in 2012 included Maple Lake boys, Esko girls, Totino Grace boys and girls, Minnetonka boys and Lakeville South girls.  All these team qualified for the 2013 True Team Championship except Minnetonka boys.

Here is some information to help with your pick:
- 2013 True Team Section Results
- 2012 State True Team Results
- True Team FAQ's
- Live State True Team Results
- History of Minnesota True Team

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My Answer:  No

Last week's question was: Will five or more women vault twelve feet or higher at the NSIC Meet on Friday? The answer was yes — exactly five women vaulted over twelve feet.  Fourteen contestants answered correctly and Lori Anne Schwiesow leads with eleven points.  Tied for second place are Mike Henderson and Mary Varney with ten points each.

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Doug said...

The correct answer is yes. The repeating teams include Lakeville South girls, Esko girls and Totino-Grace boys.