Thursday, June 14, 2012

Yes/No: A Win and a Record for Goucher?

Kara Goucher returns to Duluth this weekend for her first race in her home town in sixteen years. Among her accomplishments since that time: three NCAA Division I titles, a bronze medal at the 2007 World Championships, and two Olympic berths.

Speaking of "berth," the last two years have included not only the birth of her son, but also a change of coach and training group.  On the heels of all this, she has been as successful as ever.  Goucher qualified for the U.S. Olympic squad in the marathon with a third place finish at the Trials in January.

The question of the week...

Yes/No: Will Kara Goucher win the USA Half Marathon Championship AND break the course record of 1:10:00 on Saturday?

Goucher has already run two half marathons this year.  She ran 1:08:54 at the New York City Half Marathon on March 18 and 1:13:05 at the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in Portland on May 20th.  Goucher's personal best at the distance is 1:06:57.

The course record is 1:10:00 held by Colleen De Reuck in 2003.

The list of elite women in the USA Half Marathon is HERE.

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My answer: Yes

Last week's question was: Will six or more All-Time State Meet records be broken at the MSHSL meet on Friday and Saturday?  The answer was yes - there were nine records broken over the course of the meet.  Seventeen players answered correctly this week.  There was a bit of a shake-up at the top of the leader-board and there are now six people tied for first place with twelve points.  The first-place group include Jim GlazerRyan AylesworthGloria JansenEvan RobertsMike Mason, and Dan Vogel.

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Doug said...

Kara Goucher won in 1:09:46. The correct answer is yes.